Modular Chillers

E-Series Water Cooled Modular Units


  • Capacity Range: 90 kW per module, 180kW for double-stack
  • Combined system capacity up to 1080 kW
  • Temperature range: 4°C ~ 30°C (cooling) and 20°C ~ 60°C (in heating)
  • Compact, modular design
  • Inverter driven compressor
  • High efficiency

E-Series water cooled modular units are available in 90 kW capacity per module. With the top-bottom joining kit (ER-01RK), two units can be combined vertically to achieve 180 kW. A maximum capacity of 1080kW can be achieved by combining up to 6 double-stack units in one group. The compact design is ideal where plant room space and access are limited. These highly efficient, inverter-driven units can provide chilled water temperature from 4°C ~ 30°C or heating hot water temperature from 20°C ~ 60°C.

Reduced plant room sizes_ercv

Reduced plant room sizes

The modular units can be installed as single-row, double-row, single-row double-stack or double-row double stack installations in locations such as along the outer wall or narrow space of a building.

As water is used for heat exchange at the condensing unit, which does not output any radiant heat into the surrounding area, the Mitsubishi Electric Water Cooled modular chilling units can be installed in small plant rooms on each level, thereby minimising floor space and therefore providing more usable floor space for clients.

Compact dimensions for easy installation

Compact dimensions for easy installation

The compact chassis dimensions allow the unit to be transported to the plant room via an elevator* (with at least an 800 mm door opening and 1,350 mm in depth) or through an 800 mm plant room door. Dimensions (H x W x D): 918 x 780 x 1350 mm.

(*through a 12 person elevator)

Highly efficient operation

Highly efficient operation

Inverter compressors automatically control the frequency based on the fluctuating operation load, helping to optimise the seasonal efficiency throughout the year.

Combined system capacity up to 1080 kW_ERCV

Combined system capacity up to 1080 kW

Units are modular and can be combined to provide a total system capacity up to 1080 kW in one group.

Easy maintenance_ercv

Easy maintenance

Thanks to the openable and drawable internal structure, this unit provides easy access to each component. The control panel is located in front of the unit for easy access. All other main components, such as the compressor and heat exchangers, are placed on a sliding structure that can be pulled out of the frame without disconnecting the pipework. With the modular chiller system, when one unit requires maintenance, the other units can continue to operate.

Water temperature range

Water temperature range

The ERCV series supports an evaporator-side outlet water temperature setting range of 4°C ~ 30°C during cooling and a condenser-side outlet water temperature range of 20°C ~ 60°C during heating. The use of inverter-controlled compressors enables precise control of outlet water temperature. This model is also suitable for most types of applications, including comfort and process cooling.

Easy control and connectivity

Easy control and connectivity

The water temperature of each module can be easily controlled by connecting to a local remote controller PAR-W31MAA or a centralised controller AE-200E. The remote controller has the capability to operate basic functions such as turning the system ON/OFF, setting the water temperature and scheduling. ERCV modular units can also be connected to the Building Management System with a MODBUS interface.

Optimum frequency control and auto-rotation operation

Optimum frequency control and auto-rotation operation

When multiple units are connected together as one group, the system optimises the compressor frequency and the number of units to be operated to meet the building load at the maximum efficiency.

Local Design, Pre-Sales, and post-sales support_Chillers

Local Design, Pre-Sales, and post-sales support

Mitsubishi Electric Australia has operations in all capital cities and our team includes HVAC professionals with Design, Pre-Sales, and post-sales support.

Warranty protection_Chillers

Warranty protection

All our equipment comes with a standard warranty and also with our quality service; we can provide affordable protection with our service agreement and a preventative maintenance plan.

Other Features

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Optimum Frequency Control
  • Low GWP R32 Refrigerant





ERCV-M900YA specifications.



  1. Based on the operating load on-site, the system leader unit calculates the number of groups that need to be operated to maximise efficiency.
  2. The system leader unit sends a command to each unit to go into operation or remain stopped.
  3. Each unit controls the water temperature according to the command from the system leader unit.

There is no need for metering devices to perform optimum frequency control.

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