City Multi Hybrid VRF

Vertical HBC


The new floor standing Vertical HYBRID Branch Controller (HBC) is designed with flexibility in mind. Key components of the Vertical HBCs are accessible from the front and at floor level during commissioning, meaning there is no need to break into the ceiling. The Vertical HBC is available as a 6-port main unit, with new compact 8 or 16-port sub-HBC options.

Main-HBC with 6 ports

Connect up to six indoor units to the Main-HBC or expand the system by connecting additional Sub-HBC units.

Connects to up to three Sub-HBC

Main-HBC connects to three new compact 8 or 16-port sub HBC.

Floor standing installation

The Vertical HBC features a compact footprint, installed at floor level in plant rooms, cupboards, or risers. The unit does not need to be in the ceiling space.

Unique technology

Hybrid CITY MULTI exchanges heat between refrigerant and water using our unique HBC, which can reduce the amount of refrigerant in the outdoor unit and keep the piping in the indoor space refrigerant-free.

AS/NZS 5149 compliant

The Hybrid VRF is compliant with AS/NZS 5149, as no refrigerant is used in inhabited spaces, thus eliminating the need for leak detection systems in occupied spaces.

Phased installation

It is simple to install and can be installed in stages, allowing for phased and scalable installations.

Better air temperature regulation

Circulating water in the fan coil network allows better air temperature regulation, ensuring a comfortable user experience.

Plate Heat Exchanger

HBC has two plate heat exchangers inside. These components transfer the energy from the refrigerant circuit to the closed water loop to the indoor units. These plate heat exchangers can operate interdependently in heating or cooling as required for simultaneous operation.

Valve Block

The valve block has two features. Firstly, it chooses between the two flow headers (selecting heating or cooling). Secondly, it controls the water flow to the indoor units for the required capacity.



Each of the plate heat exchangers has a water pump. These pumps circulate the water in the closed water loop system to the indoor units. The Valve Block controls the flow rate from the pumps.

Other Features

  • Main-HBC with 6 ports
  • Connects to up to three Sub-HBC
  • Floor standing installation
  • Flexibility in design, installation, commission, and maintenance



Vertical HBC

CMB-WM350F-AA and CMB-WM500F-AA info sheet.



Vertical HBC

CMB-WM350F-AA and CMB-WM500F-AA specifications.