City Multi VRF Air Conditioning Systems

City Multi – BC Controller

BC Controller

Branch Circuit Controller (BC Controller) is the technological heart of the CITY MULTI R2–Series. It works in unison with the outdoor unit to provide simultaneous cooling and heating, something no other two–pipe system can do.

World’s first 2-pipe heat recovery system

The BC Controller houses a liquid/gas separator, allowing the outdoor unit to deliver a mixture (2-phase) of hot gas for heating and liquid for cooling, all through the same pipe. When this mixture arrives at the BC Controller, it is separated and the correct phase delivered to each indoor unit depending on the individual requirement of either heating or cooling.

Single BC Controller

For systems with up to 40 kW nominal cooling capacity that require only one BC Controller (J Type).

Main BC Controller

For larger systems that require the use of Sub BC Controllers.

Sub-BC controllers

The Main BC can connect to up to 11 sub-BC controllers, allowing for more flexibility in system design. The line-branching method enables the creation of system designs that use less refrigerant.

Flexibility in refrigerant piping design

The maximum piping length from the central BC controller to indoor units 90 m, providing flexibility in piping design. Sub-BC controllers should be used when piping length is 60 m or more.

Main BC connection to 40 kW/101 kW/124 kW outdoor unit capacity

The main BC controller is available in three outdoor unit capacity types: J Type (~40kW), JA Type (~101 kW) and KA Type (~124 kW).

Reduced height: 246 mm high

Reduced height: 246 mm high

Main and sub-BC controllers are 246 mm high allowing installation in ceilings with limited space. Servicing space is required.

Other Features

  • World’s first and only 2-pipe heat recovery system
  • Connect Main BC to up to 11 sub-BC controllers
  • Flexibility in refrigerant piping design
  • Main BC connection to 40 kW/101 kW/124 kW outdoor unit capacity
  • Reduced height: 246 mm high Reduced plant room sizes



City Multi

Explore the CITY MULTI commercial air conditioning range.



Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel

CITY MULTI Heat Recovery VRF providing simultaneous heating and cooling, with guest control of their own comfort, backed by a system with advanced environmental monitoring and control.



Rydges Palmerston Hotel

Water cooled CITY MULTI VRF system selected for the constant hot and humid conditions in Darwin, does not require ventilation or external cooling.



Peppers Silo Hotel

CITY MULTI air cooled 2-pipe heat recovery VRF system providing simultaneous heating and cooling for a unique luxury hotel from a redeveloped former grain silo site.



Next Hotel Brisbane

Renovated hotel upgrades air conditioning system to Mitsubishi Electric 2-pipe heat recovery water cooled CITY MULTI VRF utilising existing chilled water system.



Abode Hotel Woden

Abode Woden Hotel is a prime example of adaptive reuse of a former Government office building converted into a stylish hotel. The Canberra development was awarded with a 4.5 star NABERS Energy rating utilising CITY MULTY heat recovery technology.


Aged Care, Case Study

Mark Moran Vaucluse

CITYMULTI VRF heat recovery technology providing simultaneous heating and cooling integrated into Building Management and Control System with energy monitoring and management.



Laverton MFB – Accommodation

HYBRID CITY MULTI selected for a Metropolitan Fire Brigade station in Melbourne’s west eliminates need for refrigerant leak detection equipment.