Air Conducting Fan

Air Conducting Fan


Air Conducting Fans are supporting equipment for ventilators and air conditioners to move exhaust gas in car parks and help to improve the efficiency of ventilation or air conditioning in factories and warehouses.

Car Parks: Removing exhaust gas

Air Conducting Fans are particularly useful for moving and expelling stagnant, dirty exhaust gas and hot air that stagnates in the midsections of buildings with complicated floor plans.

CO2 Distribution

The airflow created by Air Conducting Fans allow fresh air to permeate all corners of a car park, while at the same time reliably directing the vehicle exhaust gas toward the exhaust fans.

Easy Installation

The Air Conducting Fan can be easily installed by simply mounting it to suspension bolts on the ceiling. The angle of the air vent is adjustable to six levels.

Low Power Consumption

Low Power Consumption

With the compact and high-efficiency motor, and also the axial fan, Air Conducting Fan saves lots of energy.

Quiet and Compact

The compact axial fan (quiet propeller design) reduces noise level yet still makes it possible to achieve substantial airflow. The slim and lightweight design offers greater flexibility in your installation plans.

Temperature Distribution

Using Air Conducting Fans help the air conditioned air to reach all corners, improving comfort levels throughout the area.

Warehouses and Factories: Circulating cool air

Air Conducting Fans help circulate air conditioned air; they improve the working environments by reducing temperature variations throughout large indoor spaces. They enhance the effectiveness of cooling over a wider area, and the airflow they generate creates a refreshing breeze.

Other Features

  • Move exhaust gas toward ventilation equipment
  • Circulate cool air
  • CO2 Distribution
  • Easy installation
  • Low power consumption
  • Quiet and compact
Model Single-phase, 50Hz 220-240V
Fan Speed Air Volume (m³/h) Running Current (A) Input Power (W) Air Velocity Max. (m/sec) Noise (dB) Starting Current (A) Weight (kg) Dimensions (HxWxD) mm
AH-1006S-E High 700-750 0.14-0.15 30-34 6.5-6.9 42-44 0.23 7 190x600x197
Low 570-620 0.13-0.13 28-32 5.3-5.7 39-40
AH-1509S-E High 1180-1270 0.26-0.26 55-62 7.3-7.8 43.5-45 0.43 10.5 190x900x197
Low 940-1040 0.24-0.25 51.5-59 5.8-6.4 39-41.5
AH-2009S-E High 1350-1400 0.43-0.47 90-105 8.3-8.6 46.5-47.5 0.85 11 190x900x197
Low 1130-1200 0.36-0.37 77-87 7.0-7.4 44-46
AH-3009S-E High 2100 0.87-0.94 191-223 8.2 58-58 2.53 20.5 210x910x220
Low 1860 0.74-0.75 150-165 7.3 55.5-56 1.55



Installation Manual, User Manual

AH Series

User Manual and Installation Manual for AH Series Air Conducting Fan including models AH Series Air Conducting Fan.



AH Series Air Conducting Fan

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