160A and 200A Pad Mount 12 volt heavy duty alternators

Mitsubishi Electric Heavy Duty Alternators: Built to perform. Demanded by the best.

  • Designed to last over 1,000,000 KM
  • Best in class efficiency
  • Supports up to 5-wire connection (including remote sense)
  • Exceeds 100 amps at idle
  • Exceeds industry requirements for heat, vibration, and corrosion resistance
  • Available in 160A (ALTA1771) and 200A (ALTA0071)

Compact, lightweight and built to exceed all performance expectations, Mitsubishi Electric Heavy Duty’s brushless-design alternators are available in 160- and 200-Amp capacities. Our alternators deliver superior performance with a wear-life of over a million-plus km.

heavy duty alternators

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