Mitsubishi Electric launches new air conditioner perfect for demands of project market

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-GS Series air conditioning units

SYDNEY, Australia, 28 April 2021: Mitsubishi Electric Australia has announced the launch of the MSZ-GS Series, the newest air conditioning systems designed for the demands of the Australian project market.

The MSZ-GS Series wall-mounted split system air conditioning units features a capacity range line-up of six models from 2.5 kW through to 7.8 kW.

Atesh Mani, National Product Manager at Mitsubishi Electric Australia, explained that a split system air conditioner for projects shouldn’t compromise features or quality.

‘The MSZ-GS Series provides builders and air conditioning contractors with an air conditioning system they can include in their building projects and be confident with a product that comes with the support and quality Mitsubishi Electric is renowned for.’

‘The MSZ-GS Series is an ideal choice for project homes, townhouse developments, high-rise buildings and accommodation facilities. The Series is compatible with optional Mitsubishi Electric controllers expanding options for monitoring and central control if required.’ said Atesh.

Another key feature of the MSZ-GS Series is its built-in quick clean function that allows easy removal of the horizontal vane and quick latch fin guards. The vertical vanes open out to provide easy access to a unit to keep it clean and functioning in peak condition.

Additionally, the MSZ-GS Series has next generation R32 refrigerant, enabling increased energy efficiency compared to the previously used R410A. The next generation R32 means that the risk of environmental harm is greatly reduced with just one third of the global warming potential.

The MSZ-GS Series is also functional via optional Wi-Fi Control*1. This innovative technology connects the Mitsubishi Electric Australia air conditioner to the user’s smartphone, tablet or online account, giving them the freedom to fully control each unit on-the-go via an internet connection, perfect for when users want their room at the perfect temperature when they arrive home.

*1 Optional Wi-Fi adapter required per unit. Requires an internet connection and the App downloaded on your smartphone or tablet with the latest operating system available.



  • MSZ-GS25VFD – 2.5 kW cooling / 3.1 kW heating capacity
  • MSZ-GS35VFD – 3.5 kW cooling / 3.1 kW heating capacity
  • MSZ-GS50VFD – 5.0 kW cooling / 5.5 kW heating capacity
  • MSZ-GS60VFD – 6.0 kW cooling / 6.6 kW heating capacity
  • MSZ-GS71VFD – 7.1 kW cooling / 8.0 kW heating capacity
  • MSZ-GS80VFD – 7.8 kW cooling / 9.0 kW heating capacity

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