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ARC: Helping Oil & Gas Businesses Meet Today’s Challenges

To meet today's challenges, owner-operators in the upstream oil & gas industry need to be able to provide employees at all levels of the organization with effective data visualization, appropriate analytics, and other real-time decision support tools.


ARC: Water and Wastewater Utilities Optimized as Single Operational Systems

Many water and wastewater utilities continue to strive for improved efficiency, productivity, and the capability to meet newly specified sustainability goals for their operations, all while maintaining critical water quality and effluent requirements.


Combining IoTWorX and Azure Stream Analytics on Azure IoT Edge

Both IoTWorX and Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) have large sets of functions that can be programmed. However, many of those functions are supported in IoTWorX but not ASA, and vice versa. The combination of the two increases edge computing capabilities and can therefore support more complex intelligent edge scenarios.


Cyber Security Threats eBook

This whitepaper explains what you want and need in a secure system. Like all software and hardware, HMI/SCADA and industrial control hardware are a potential target. Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are uniquely high-value targets as they are responsible for critical infrastructure. This paper will explain how to exactly distinguish one attack from another and what countermeasures you can leverage to protect yourself from each type of cyber-attack.



Hyper Historian™ Performance

This paper provides the results of ICONICS Hyper Historian™ data historian performance tests, including both the Standard and Enterprise editions.