How to level your refrigerator or freezer

A correctly levelled Refrigerator or Freezer is an important step during installation and setup.

An incorrectly levelled Refrigerator or Freezer may make the cabinet out of square, and potentially causing poor sealing of the doors, affecting operation, performance and power consumption.

It is worthwhile investing a little time at the time of installation before the refrigerator is used to correctly level your new fridge.

Be mindful of uneven floor surfaces

While your Refrigerator or Freezer has adjustment feet, additional levelling may be required to compensate for the unevenness of the floor surface.

Below are two options to consider:


Option 1

How to level a refrigerator

Use small pieces of Masonite, MDF or the like under the feet of the Refrigerator or Freezer to compensate for the unlevel floor surface.

The downside with this method is it is difficult to get the small piece under the rear feet of the Refrigerator or Freezer when it is in place.


Option 2

How to level a fridge

Cut a piece of compressed timber, such as ¾” plywood or MDF, to fit the cavity. Level this board across all planes by putting small pieces of Masonite or the like where required.

Then when you put the Refrigerator or Freezer on the timber, there is only a minor adjustment required, and no matter where you slide the Refrigerator or Freezer it will remain level.