Wi-Fi Control minimum requirements for operation

  1. Compatible WPA2-AES capable router with WPS wireless network with coverage including the air conditioner installation location
  2. A PC/Tablet/Smartphone that is iOS/Android/Windows compatible
  3. A Mitsubishi Electric MAC-568IF-E Wi-Fi Adaptor
  4. A compatible Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner

1. Compatible Router

You will need a compatible WPA2-AES capable router with WPS to use the Wi-Fi Control / Wi-Fi Adaptor MAC-568IF-E. Most WPS capable routers will be compatible with the MAC-568IF-E. Every router has its own way of enabling WPS, and some routers have it disabled by default. Due to the large number of routers available, knowing how to activate WPS on your router is not something we or our installers are able to assist with, but is generally easily available in your router instruction manual. If your router is not compatible, it is possible to resolve this by plugging in an additional compatible router to your existing router.

Take note
  • For instruction about how to enable WPS on your wireless router please refer to the routerís user manual as this process may differ for each router.
  • Be careful when pressing the WPS button because if you hold the WPS button for a long time, on some wireless routers it will trigger a reset.
WPA2-AES routers we have tested
  • Apple - A1409
  • Asus - RT-N16
  • Asus - RT-N66U
  • Edimax - BR-6428nS
  • Edimax - AR-7267WnA
  • Huawei - HG630b
  • Micronet - SP916NE
  • SMC - SMC7904WBRA-N2
  • TP-LINK - TD-W8960N

Other routers may potentially be compatible.

WPA2-AES routers our customers have reported to work
  • Netgear WNDR3700

Not compatible
  • Technicolor brand routers

2. Compatible Devices and Browsers

Mobile Operating Systems
  • Android versions 2.1+
  • Apple iOS 5.0+
Smartphones (Apps or Web Version)
  • Apple iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Motorola Defy
Tablets (Apps or Web Version)
  • Apple iPad / iPad mini / iPod Touch
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Nexus 7
Internet Browsers (Web Version only)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 10+
  • Google Chrome versions 30+
  • Apple Safari versions 5.1.7+
  • Mozilla Firefox versions 26+
All Devices and Browsers
  • Must have Javascript, Cookies and Local Storage enabled.

Please Note:
This is not definitive list of all compatible devices, other similar devices which use supported Operating Systems or Internet Browsers should also work either via dedicated Apps or via Web Browser / Web Client options.
Please note that user experience may vary slightly depending on hardware and software combination.


MAC-559IF-E Wi-Fi Adaptor3. MAC-568IF-E Wi-Fi Adaptor

To use the Wi-Fi Control Service a Mitsubishi Electric MAC-568IF-E Wi-Fi Adaptor is required to be installed into each of the compatible Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner / Air Conditioning indoor models.

4. Compatible appliances

The following Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner / Air Conditioning indoor models can be connected to the Wi-Fi Control Service via the Wi-Fi Adaptor MAC-568-E:

*Units manufactured after January 2015.


Units installed before January 2015

Please contact Wi-Fi Support for compatibility with units installed before January 2015.


Wi-Fi Control is an optional extra for Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners and an additional adapter MAC-559IF-E required per unit.