Why choose Wi-Fi

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Air Conditioner Control opens the door to smarter heating and cooling. You are now able to control your air conditioner from wherever you are through your smartphone or online, allowing you to be in charge of cooling this summer. Wi-Fi Air Conditioner Control has been developed for superior control and comfort in our diverse climate – view the profiles below to see how Wi-Fi Air Conditioner Control will suit your needs.


Busy Lifestyles

As Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control talks to your air conditioner remotely, you can adjust your system to suit your needs while you are going about your daily schedule. Did you set your air conditioner to turn on when you head home from work but decide to go out for dinner? With the Wi-Fi Control you are able to easily adjust timer settings or turn your air conditioner on/off remotely – saving you money. Enjoy the new world of smarter cooling and heating with the Wi-Fi Control. 

Savvy Savers

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control allows you to unlock the full potential of your air conditioning system, and incorporates features which can save you money. For those who love to return to a comfortable home, Wi-Fi Control has an energy efficient way to do so. Instead of returning to a hot or cold home and turning your air conditioner up high for instant comfort, you can instead turn on when you are heading home to warm or cool your home gradually. Same result, more savings!

Use the minimum room temperature feature to maintain a healthy base temperature throughout the night – your air conditioner will switch on if it senses that the temperature has dropped below the required minimum. This allows you to maintain a healthy overnight temperature without having to run your air conditioner all night. In the summer, use the maximum room temperature feature and your air conditioner will automatically turn on to cool the room – allowing you to go to sleep in superior comfort, but without having to run the system all night. 


Are you always on the go? Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Air Conditioner Control ensures you have superior control over your air conditioner through your remote device. You are able to turn your air conditioner on or off remotely, change the settings, and delete or amend pre-programmed schedules for smarter heating and cooling - even from overseas. You no longer have to worry about whether you left your system running as all operating information is available at your fingertips. 


As wonderful as Australia is, it certainly can challenge our forward-planning with its tendency to squeeze all four seasons into one day. Technicians have developed Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control to suit Australian conditions, allowing you to take charge of the ever-changing weather. Turn your air conditioner on/off, amend or delete scheduled programming, or change your systems’ settings - you are now able to customise your high-wall system to suit the climate. Turn guess-work into smarter heating and cooling with Wi-Fi Air Conditioner Control.

Holiday Home Owners

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control provides superior peace of mind for holiday home owners. Arrive to a holiday home that has been aired even before you get there by turning it on remotely as you start your journey. Double-check that your air conditioner was turned off and timers were deleted from the system as you head back to work to avoid an expensive power bill! And turn the system on periodically throughout the winter to remove moisture from the air. Wi-Fi Control allows you to fully enjoy your holiday experience by providing superior control over your system.

Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

For those with asthma and allergies Wi-Fi Air Conditioner Control has incorporated advanced technology to enable you to achieve a warm, dry, pollution-free home for healthier living.
Use the ‘minimum room temperature’ feature to maintain a healthy base temperature throughout the night – your air conditioner will switch on if it senses that the temperature has dropped below the required minimum, allowing you to have a healthy and warm night’s sleep.




Optional upgrade adapter required per unit.