Remote control model numbers

Air conditioning remote controls listed by model number.

To help you identify the model number of your air conditioner, take a look at the back of the handheld remote control. If there is a sticker there, it might have a code that starts with one in the Model No. list below. Please refer to the list of User Manuals when you have identified your model.

Model No. Air Conditioner Model Number Spare Part No.
KG1F MSH-07RV-A3 / MSH-09RV-A3 / MSH-12RV-A3 / MSH-18RV-A2 / MSH-24TV-A2 E12581426
KM04A MSH-GA50/60/71/80 E12 529 426
KM04B MS-GA50/60/80VB E12 527 426
KM04F MSC-GA20/25/35VB E12 749 426
KM04G MSZ-A09YV/MSZ-A12YV 12 838 426
KM08A MSZ-FB25/35/50VA-A1
KM09A MSZ-GE22/25/35/42/50VA E12 D68 426
KM09D MSZ-FB25/35/50VA-A2  
KM16B MSY-GN25~42VF E22 T66 426
KP0A MSH-GA50/60/71/80/ MSZ-A26YV / MSH-A18WV-A1 / MSH-A24WV-A1 / MSH-A26WV-A1 / MSH-A30WV-A1 E12 529 426
KP0C MSH-07RV-A3 / MSH-09RV-A3 / MSH-12RV-A3 / MSH-18RV-A2 / MSH-24TV-A2 E12581426
KP1A MSC-A07YV-A1/MSC-A09YV-A1/MSC-A12YV-A1 E02 749 426
KP3A MSC-A07YV-A1/MSC-A09YV-A1/MSC-A12YV-A1 E02 749 426
MS20A MSZ-GS25~80VFD-A1 E2244P426
PAR-21MAA City Multi and Mr Slim PAR-21MAA
PAR-33MAA-J PAR-30/31/32/33MAA-J PAR-33MAA-J
PAR-JH050KA PEH-EKA Ducted controller (includes timer PAR-JH050KA
SG10A MSZ-GE60/71/80VA E22 F31 426
SG11D MSZ-EF E12 F95 426
SG12D MSZ-GE71/80VAD E12 J61 426
SG132 MFZ-KJ25/35/50/60VE T2W ECD 426
SG15A MSY-GN50-60VF E22 P72 426
SG15C MSZ-FH25/35/50VA-A2 E12 R11 426
SG15D MSZ-GL25/35/42/50/60VGD E12 R80 426
SG15E MSZ-GL71/8-VGD E12 R86 426
SG15G MSY-GN71-80VF E12 R63 426
SG17B MSZ-AP-VG(D) E22 99G 426
SG19C MSZ-AP15/20VG(D) E22 95M 426
SG18D MSZ-AP60~80VGD-A1 E2241G426
SG191 MF(X)Z-KW25~50VG-A1 T2WEFF426
XG19D MSZ-LN25~60VG2V-A1 E2266J426
XG19E MSZ-LN25~60VG2R-A1 E2268J426
XG19F MSZ-LN25~60VG2B-A1 E2267J426
MSH-09KN-A1 T2WA20426
MSH-09LV-A2 E02096426
MSH-13JV-A1/MSH-17JV-A1 T2W657426