Quick clean design

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units are durable, easy to use, slim and powerful and look attractive. The Indoor and Outdoor Units are subjected to rigorous durability testing which further improves design. The front panel is easily detached, making cleaning a breeze.

quick clean design air conditioner


For easy cleaning, the unique Mitsubishi Electric Quick clean design enables removal of the front panel and air flow vents providing open access, including to the fan. Regular cleaning of the indoor unit improves performance, reduces energy consumption and extends the life of your air conditioner.


Exclusive Quick Clean Kit (standard)

Quick Clean Kit (optional part MAC-093SS-E)

An effective special cleaning adaptor, the Quick Clean Kit is specifically designed to allow you to easily clean the 'hard to get' places to ensure efficient dust free operation of your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner. The kit contains a flexible connection hose, two washable brush attachments, instruction booklet, and a universal adaptor to fit a range of vacuum pipe sizes.


How to clean your air conditioner

How to clean your air conditioner

Cleaning your heat pump regularly ensures optimum operation efficiency and reduces unnecessary power consumption. We recommend cleaning your heat pump as often as every two weeks in order to utilise its full performance. To ensure your heat pump works as efficiently as possible use this easy to follow guide along with your Quick Clean Kit.