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PAR-U02MEDA ME Remote Controller

The ME Remote Controller PAR-U02MEDA is designed to control Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units. It also lets the user monitor other manufacturers’ products connected via Mitsubishi Electric AHC (Advanced HVAC Controller).

The controller is equipped with four built-in sensors (temperature, humidity, occupancy  and brightness) for maximum comfort and increased energy savings. It also has the capability to control up to sixteen indoor units simultaneously.

Auto (dual set point) mode

When the operation mode is set to the auto (dual set point) mode, two set temperatures (one each for cooling and one for heating) can be set. This allows for a more suitable set temperature when in each mode with a pre-set but adjustable differential, providing greater comfort control and leading to energy savings.

Back-lit LCD and large display

The large LCD touch screen has easy to see icons for simple control and the backlit display helps visibility for operation at night.

Brightness sensor

The brightness sensor works alongside the occupancy sensor for use with the energy-saving function. For example, while occupants are sleeping at night, the brightness sensor detects the amount of light in the room, determines that the room is dark according to the setup, and can increase the set temperature offset by 2°C to save energy consumption.

Energy saving functions

Energy save control will turn on when the occupancy sensor detects room/area vacancy. Only one of these energy-saving controls can be used at any time:
• Non-use
• ON/OFF - The unit will be turned off
• Set temperature offset - The set temperature will be offset
• Fan speed down - The fan speed will be set to “Low”
• Thermo-off - The unit will go into “Thermo-off” state

LED light indicator of operation status

An LED light indicator at the bottom of the controller shows the status of the unit. The default colour settings are Blue (Cool), Light Blue (Dry), Yellow (Fan), White (Auto), Red (Heat / Auto-Heat), Green (Night setback), and Lime (Energy-save control is in effect and that it has been activated when the occupancy sensor detected vacancy).

Temperature and humidity sensor

The built-in temperature and humidity sensor detect the room temperature and relative humidity and displays on the screen.

The occupancy sensor

The occupancy sensor detects the occupancy based on movements and the temperature difference between the occupant and its surroundings. The occupancy sensor detects a person and operates the units accordingly.

When the occupancy sensor detects no human movement for a certain period of time, the room will be regarded as vacant.

Other Features

  • Operations, monitoring of air conditioning units, and schedule-control functions.
  • Control up to sixteen indoor units
  • Occupancy sensor
  • Brightness sensor
  • Energy save functions
  • Back-lit LCD and large display
  • Touch panel LCD for easy usage.
  • LED light indicator of operation status
  • Temperature and humidity sensor




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