Chillers just got slimmer


Mitsubishi Electric Australia has launched a range of advanced, inverter-driven chillers to the Australian market.

The highly efficient e-series modular chiller range is designed to answer the need for controllable, energy efficient cooling and heating with reduced plant size and a host of advanced features and benefits taken straight from the company’s experience in the air conditioning industry.

Mitsubishi Electric has marketed chillers in Japan since the 1970’s and the company’s engineers have looked at every aspect of the technology to design a modular system with a reduced footprint for smaller units. 

The e-series chiller available in heat pump and cooling only modules uses two advanced DC inverter-driven scroll compressors in each 90 kW module – taken from the VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) sector, to deliver a capacity range of 8% to 100%. The models deliver market-leading levels of efficiency with the ability for units to operate on their own or in tandem with others.

The unique shape and modular design of the e-series mean that the system can be constructed with up to six individual units connected together, to provide a capacity of between 90kW and 540kW.

The use of U-shaped heat exchangers offers a greater surface area and also means that the units are much narrower than conventional systems. Each 90kW module can be positioned next to each other in a row with up to six units using the same inbuilt, internal header.  For larger systems, it is also possible to have double rows of the units with a gap of only 900 mm service space.

“Chillers and chilled water systems have been used for decades to deliver controlled cooling to buildings”, said Atesh Mani, National Product Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Australia. “The e-series introduces improvements in energy efficiency, reduced installation footprint, and reduced noise levels” Mani added.

The e-series achieves some of the quietest noise levels on the market which is increasingly important in inner city locations.  These low noise levels are achieved through both the unique construction and design of each unit as well as the advanced component technology within each chiller, which is also easily integrated with new and existing systems using BMS control.


e-series modular chiller