Introducing the latest Jet Towel technology from Mitsubishi Electric


SYDNEY, Australia, November 17 2015: Mitsubishi Electric Australia announced today the release of the latest model in its Jet Towel Hand Dryer series – the 9th Generation Slim Model. First designed in 1992, Mitsubishi Electric’s Jet Towel is the original air jet hand dryer, and the new model builds upon this pioneering technology with super-fast yet quiet drying, improved durability and hygiene.

The 9th Generation Slim Series has purpose-built features to satisfy any energy and hygiene conscious commercial environment designers and installers. With an air speed of approximately 106 metres per second, the hand dryer works faster than most conventional warm air dryers, removing water from the hands from 10 seconds. Noise levels are not sacrificed for the speed – noise is considerably reduced to 56-59 dB, (2dB quieter than previous model), making the new Jet Towel Slim Series one of the quietest commercial hand dryers in the market.

The series has also been enhanced with vandal-resistant features designed to improve the overall durability of the hand dryer. For example, hidden switches and buttons have been moved to the inside of the panel to prevent unauthorised operation, whilst the front and back panels have been strengthened to increase body durability. The Jet Towel Slim Series also employs advanced motor technology and optimum airflow, ensuring low energy consumption from only 550W to 1240W, and therefore reduced running costs and a long operational life.

Hygiene-friendly is the term to describe the new Jet Towel Slim Series. Antibacterial resin is now on the entire surface of the product, not just on the hand drying areas, thus offering users the cleanest experience possible. Also new to this model is a Water Level Window, allowing maintenance staff to easily check water levels and maintain the hand dryer at its highest quality possible.

“The latest Jet Towel Slim Series is designed with the highest quality and reliability in mind, to provide users with the best experience possible. Available in Super White, Silver Dark Grey, and Dark Grey, and backed by cutting-edge technology, they are ideal for any commercial environment. Our Jet Towel range has been a market leader for many years and we anticipate that to continue with these new models,” says Jean-Marc Adele, Business Development Executive, Mitsubishi Electric Australia.


  • New Jet Towel Slim Series Dark grey - JT-SB216JSH2-H-NE
  • New Jet Towel Slim Series Super White - JT-SB216JSH2-W-NE
  • New Jet Towel Slim Series Silver-Dark grey - JT-SB216JSH2-S-NE


The 9th Generation Slim Model Jet Towel hand dryer is available through Mitsubishi Electric Australia. For sales inquiries, please contact: 1800 811 212.


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