Mitsubishi Electric Australia Extends Western Sydney Wanderers FC Sponsorship


Mitsubishi Electric Australia and the Western Sydney Wanderers FC announced today an extension of their partnership right through until the end of the 2018/19 season. This announcement brings the sponsorship to a six year period, with the Wanderers first adding the Mitsubishi Electric brand to its kit in 2013.

“We’ve really enjoyed sharing in the Wanderers’ success over the past two years. It seemed only natural to extend this partnership and continue supporting our local club,” said Mitsubishi Electric Australia’s Managing Director, Jeremy Needham,. “Since the partnership began, the Wanderers have created a great sense of community and driven grassroots programmes in Western Sydney. The positive impact on the area is truly inspiring and we’re thrilled to support this. The Asian Champions League win in 2014 was a huge achievement for football in Australia and we feel privileged to have been part of this wonderful story.”

“Mitsubishi Electric Australia is passionate about being based in Parramatta and dedicated to creating jobs and opportunities in Western Sydney. That’s why we see this partnership as a perfect fit for our club,” explained Western Sydney Wanderers CEO, John Tsatsimas. “We look forward to continuing the success we have had over the first three seasons with the Mitsubishi Electric diamond displayed proudly on our kit.”

Wanderers’ fans can enjoy the action on the pitch close up with the state-of-the-art Diamond Vision LED screen at Parramatta Stadium, home ground of the Wanderers FC. The screen offers high definition and measures 12.8 metres wide by 7.68 metres high, for a total screen area of 98.3 m².

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