World's first and only Hybrid VRF system gets a boost


Mitsubishi Electric Australia announced today that the world’s first and only Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system has been expanded from 8-branch connections to 16. The Hybrid VRF is a world first simultaneous heating and cooling 2-pipe system that uses refrigerant between the outdoor unit and the HBC (Hydro BC controller), and water between the HBC and the indoor units. HBC is the most unique part in this system and allows heat exchange between refrigerant and water. This system is suitable for a wide variety of installations.

The Hybrid system provides simultaneous cooling and heating offering heat recovery between indoors running on opposite modes. Two refrigerant pipes connect the outdoor units to the HBC, and a pair of plastic water lines is run out to each indoor unit, allowing energy-saving heat recovery operation. Smooth auto-switching (heating and cooling) based on a set temperature provides convenient operation and a comfortable environment.

“The Hybrid VRF system operates without using refrigerant in occupied spaces, removing the need for leak detection equipment and allowing more properties to take advantage of manageable phased installation through the system’s modular design,” says Raja Gounder, Deputy General Manager Business Development, Mitsubishi Electric Australia.

“The use of water has the added benefit of more stable temperatures coming out of the indoor units. For these reasons, Hybrid VRF is the ideal air conditioning solution for hospitals, hotels, and offices,” says Gounder.

Temperatures are more stable during defrost as the systems uses heat of the hot water that circulates between the HBC and the indoor units. Defrost time is shorter compared to conventional systems.



Hybrid VRF is available through Mitsubishi Electric Australia distribution channels. To speak to one of our sales engineers, please contact: 1800 811 212.


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