Mitsubishi Electric Unveils Australia’s Highest Resolution Outdoor LED Display


Mitsubishi Electric Australia announced today the unveiling of a Diamond Vision Super Screen for Caulfield Racecourse, in Melbourne Victoria, with 4K ultra-high definition pixel density. The display is a massive 319.5 square metres, with a pixel density of 10,000 dots/m2, it will be the highest resolution LED outdoor display in Australia of this size.

The screen was made using 75 separate cabinets comprised of Mitsubishi Electric AVL-ODT10 Diamond Vision LED modules, which provides true 10mm pixel pitch spacing and uses a 3-in-1 surface mount LED (SMD) featuring Mitsubishi Electric’s revolutionary Real Black LED technology.

“The use of the Real Black LED technology allows for deep, rich black levels and unsurpassed vertical viewing angles in an outdoor LED display product. The characteristics of Real Black LED technology will ensure that Caulfield racegoers have a clear view of the screen up close and in bright sunlight conditions,” says Tim Mitchell, Technical Sales Engineer, Mitsubishi Electric Australia.

Mitsubishi Electric has significant experience with traditional lamp-based RGB LED display products as well as 3-in-1 SMD technology. Based on this experience, the Real Black LED technology was developed and introduced to overcome the shortfalls of these traditional technologies and marks what Mitsubishi Electric believes is the most significant advancement in large-scale outdoor LED technology since the conversion from CRT to LED in the 90’s. The technology features black LEDs that provide a continuous black face to the display not previously possible with red, green and blue (RGB) lamp LED products or traditional SMD products which utilize white-faced LEDs.

Diamond Vision is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
Real Black is a trademark of Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

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