Mitsubishi Electric's futuristic take on hand drying


Mitsubishi Electric Australia today announced the availability of the Jet Towel, a revolutionary new addition to the commercial hand dryer market. The breakthrough design halves the time taken to dry your hands - perfect for commercial kitchens, hotels and public bathrooms.

Unlike conventional hand dryers that require users to stand in front of the unit for at least a minute before hands are adequately dry, the unique ergonomic design of the Jet Towel makes drying hands faster.  The dryer works by the user placing their hands into a V shaped drying area where sensors activate the front and back air ducts. The blasts of air from each of the ducts ensure dry hands in 5-6 seconds.

The Jet Towel is environmentally efficient and economical, eliminating the need for paper hand towels that create mess and add to waste. The shorter time taken to dry also means less energy will be used.

Every area of the Jet Towel that comes into contact with water is treated with an antibacterial finish ensuring commercial areas comply with strict hygiene requirements. In addition, the dryer is designed for the user to avoid directly touching the unit, ensuring that they do not come in contact with bacteria from other users.

"Mitsubishi Electric set out to create a unit that would dry hands very quickly and help to maintain hygiene levels especially in areas such as commercial kitchens where time is precious and hygiene is of the utmost importance", said Tony Hirst, Mitsubishi Electric General Manager. "Aside from being economical, convenient and hygienic, it is a stylish unit that looks great in any commercial setting."

Installation is easy as the unit can either be fitted to a wall or the specially made Jet Towel stand can be used which enables the unit to be easily moved around if required.


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