New Product: BC-10 camera - Have eyes in the back of your head!


The BC-10 rear vision camera unit from Mitsubishi Electric offers an easy to install and cost-effective option for consumers and SMBs

Mitsubishi Electric today announced the availability of a new compact rear-vision camera system, the BC-10. With the ability to be mounted either in a low or high position, this new model is an easy to install and a cost-effective camera suitable for the safety conscious general consumer and owners of business vans, small trucks, utilities, caravans, motor homes and four wheel drives.

The light-weight BC-10 camera is equipped with a high-resolution 270 thousand pixel image to supplement the 130 degree horizontal and 96 degree vertical camera range movement to provide a clear image to enable safe reversing.

“The BC-10 camera features low-light operation, is compact, small and unobtrusive, and with more and more delivery docks requiring camera systems to be installed as a requirement of entry and delivery, the BC-10 is a cost effective solution for consumers, delivery drivers, small vans and SMBs” said Paul Prudhoe, General Manager Automotive, Mitsubishi Electric.

The accompanying CM-5200 or CM-7200 monitor can be mounted on either the dash or the roof, providing flexible installation options.

Specification Overview



Supply voltage

12VDC car battery

Grounding system

Negative earth system

Current consumption

Approximately 150 mA or lower

Output image

Mirror image

Output drive capacity

1Vp-p (75 O )

Image element

¼ type coloured CCD image

Number of effective pixels

Approximately 270 thousand pixels

Lens part

Focal distance f=1.6 mm

Brightness F=2.8

Angle of field

Horizontal: Approximately 130°

Vertical: Approximately 96°

Operational temperature range

Camera Part: -20 to +65°C

Store temperature range

Camera Part: -30 to +80°C

External dimensions

Camera body:

27 x 27 x 26mm (excluding protruding part)


Camera body: 32g (including cable)

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Availability and Pricing
The BC-10 is available now from Rear Vision Systems Pty Ltd (+61 2 9418 3244).
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