Mitsubishi Electric Launches New Range of MPEG-4 Video Surveillance Products


Mitsubishi Electric has today announced the release of its new range of MPEG-4 digital video recorders. The DX-TL304E, DX-TL308E and DX-TL5716E models offer reliable 24/7 video surveillance in an easy to use package and with the flexibility to handle any type of installation, from convenience stores and banks all the way through to large multi-level business centres and shopping complexes.

The DX-TL304E is a four channel recorder capable of 100 frames per second whilst the DX-TL308E records up to 200 frames per second over eight channels. The recorders are an ideal replacement for older time-lapse VCR or other analogue security systems in small to medium sized installations. Both systems also support multiple protocols for the pan, tilt and zoom control of several brands of Dome camera. These systems also have an enhanced copy feature for simple download or backup of still and moving images.

The DX-TL5716E offers extra functionality compared with the other two models. This 16-channel recorder is highly scalable, allowing for up to 16 of the recorders to be networked together and controlled with a single centralised unit. This setup is ideal for medium to large installations. Specialised software has also been developed for the remote monitoring of a site through a standard web browser. The DX-TL5716E is capable of recording up to 400 frames per second over sixteen channels.

“There is no need for video surveillance equipment to be complicated to use,” said Peter Arthurs, Security Products Manager of the Visual Information Systems division, Mitsubishi Electric Australia. “With our new digital recorders we have come up with an easy to follow menu design making operation and recording simple, even for beginners”.

The optimised MPEG-4 video compression used in the new range of recorders results in extended recording hours whilst still maintaining high picture quality. Convenient hard drive configurations for 30, 60, 90 and 120 day recording periods are also available.

Each of the new digital video recorders has a Multiplexer function, so that all video feeds can be monitored simultaneously in a split screen layout. Triplex capability allows smooth real-time monitoring, recording and playback of recorded footage, all at the same time. Dual multiplexer output provides a second display connection for added viewing functionality.

Up to two high capacity hard disk drives can be installed in each unit for up to 1 Terabyte of storage space (1.5TB for the DX-TL5716E), with easy front access for maintenance or replacement. Storage capacity can be increased even further using the optional DX-ZD6UE Hard drive Extension units.
The internal drives can be set up in a mirroring mode so that in the event of a hard drive failure, data is not lost. A sleep mode is also available with multiple hard drives where the system will automatically power down a drive if not in use, helping to save on power consumption and prolong equipment life.

Other features include multi-level password protection, data tampering detection, two patterns per camera channel input for motion detection, audio recording, serial interface via RS232, XGA video output for the DX-TL308E and DX-TL5716E, support for SNTP (protocol for network-based time synchronisation) and a three year warranty.


Availability and Pricing

For further details please visit, email
DX-TL304E RRP A$ 1319.00 - $ 1669.00 (depending on HDD storage size)
DX-TL308E RRP A$ 1799.00 - $ 2179.00 (depending on HDD storage size)
DX-TL5716E RRP A$ 3449.00 - $ 3799.00 (depending on HDD storage size)


For more information, please contact:
Richard Harris
Mitsubishi Electric Australia
T: 02 9684 7233

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