Mitsubishi Electric brings the home theatre to everyone


The home theatre is now a possibility for everyone after the release of the Mitsubishi Electric HC1100 Home Cinema projector. At this entry point in the market it is definitely one of the most competitively priced home theatre projectors out just now. The HC1100 projector is a DLP model whereas the majority of projectors at this price point in the market are LCD.

It is equipped with the latest 720p DMD panel (DC2) featuring an expanded mirror operation angle of 12 degrees. The panels advanced light usage efficiency provides a contrast of 3000:1 for exquisite dark and black images.

The projector is definitely the lightest around, weighing a mere 2.9kg. The next lowest weight projector is 4.2kg making this the lightest projector in this category. The light weight makes this projector extremely portable. Not only can you fix the projector to the wall or ceiling, it can be moved easily from room to room without breaking a sweat. You could even take the movies to your friends place to share the cinematic experience.

"Projectors are the latest and greatest in home theatre currently and we want them to be accessible for everyone. Previously, new home theatre releases have been out of reach for many people but now everyone is able to have a great home theatre experience without breaking the bank", said Paul Calderara, Mitsubishi Electric Digital Electronics National Sales and Marketing Manager. "This has been achieved without compromising on quality", he said.

The projector features DarkChip2 to realise a high resolution of 1280x720 dots. A switch to dark metal in the mirror structure has greatly reduced reflection and stray light which has resulted in excellent gradation. Gamma correction improves picture quality even further, using three settings that best suit the program being viewed; for example a sporting event would be best viewed in one setting whilst a movie would look best on another.

The HC1100 is virtually maintenance free due to its filter free design and is fully manufactured in Japan, so the reliability and workmanship is second to none. And features low noise levels at only 25dB (A).

Availability and Pricing

The HC1100 is in stores now, available through home theatre specialist retailers.

RRP $1999.00



High-resolution images may be downloaded from or alternatively, contact Text 100 at the contact details below.


Specifications   Projection System                                                      DLP System

Panel Specs:

Panel size                                                                    0.62 DMD, aspect ratio 16:9

Number of pixels                                                        1280 x 720 (DarkChip2)

Drive system                                                               DMD reflection system

Array                                                                           Stripe pattern


Optical specs:                                                 

Lens: Zoom/focus operation                                      Manual operation

          f (mm)                                                               23~27.6

Light source lamp                                                       200W

Optical system                                                            Time-division colour   separation/composition system


Colour wheel spec                                                       RGB RGB, 4-speed

Picture size (inches)                                                   40~275



Brightness (lm)                                                           1000

Contrast Ratio                                                             3000:1 (full on/ full off)

Resolution: PC input                                                    VGA (640 x 480) SXGA (1280 x 1024) (compressed)

Scanning frequency: Horizontal (kHz)                       15~80

                                  Vertical (Hz)                              50~85


Input signal system: Video                                         NTSC, NTSC4.43, PAL (including PAL-M,N), SECAM, PAL-60, HDTV (480i/p, 576i/p, 1081i, 730p)

PC                                                                                PC/AT compatible machines, MAC, PC98


Video:Analog RGB: Mini D-SUB 15 pin                         1 terminal

           Digital RGB: HDMI                                             1 terminal

           Composite: RCA terminal                                 1 terminal

           S: S terminal                                                    1 terminal

           Componant: RCA terminal                                1 RCA terminal (component can be also input to D-SUB)

Serial/RS-232C standard                                            1 terminal (8 pins)



Funtion/other: Gamma mode                                     3 patterns + 2 users

Trapezoidal: Vertical keystone                                  ± 40 steps (1 step + approx. 1 time)

Distortion correction: Horizontal keystone                ± 25 steps (1 step =approx. 1 time)

Power supply voltage                                                 AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Power consumption (W)                                             280 (8W at standby)

Weight (kg)                                                                 2.9

Main unit dimensions: Width (mm)                             310

                                      Depth (mm)                           245

                                      Height (mm)                          100

Fan noise                                                                    25dB(A) (Lamp Low Mode)


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