For the HC6500, beauty isn't only skin deep


Looks meet high-powered performance with the new HC6500 home theatre projector.

Mitsubishi Electric has just released the latest model in its range of home theatre projectors. Fully manufactured in Japan, the HC6500 offers beautiful colour reproduction as a result of the newly improved auto-iris algorithm and optimised contrast control, with recent advances allowing contrast ratio levels to reach a stunning 15,000:1. The result is superior image reproduction and vivid clarity to deliver an unforgettable home theatre experience, all contained in a functional but elegant black chassis design.

Superb image reproduction performance is complimented by several cutting edge features usually found with more expensive home theatre projector models. Adopting extra low dispersion glass lenses, for example, allows full high definition resolution to exceed the performance of conventional glass lenses. The new auto-iris delivers the deepest blacks, brightest whites and vivid colours. A powered 1.6x zoom and focus lens allows for impressive cinema style screenings in even the smallest of rooms.

“The HC6500 incorporates the latest image processing technology to ensure meticulous picture quality for video signals each and every time,” said Stuart Baker, Senior Manager of Mitsubishi Electric Australia’s Visual Information Systems group. “With such a competitive price, more people can afford to have high quality home theatres.”

The HC6500 incorporates the new Reon-VX chip manufactured by the renowned pioneers of Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) technology, Silicon Optics Inc. Combined with a high-quality next-generation LCD panel, this high-performance chip actively reduces chromatic up-sampling errors, ensuring crisp high definition images without colour blur or loss.

The HC6500’s reputation for smooth functionality is enhanced by its compatibility with most media, including the next generation Blue-ray 24P disk. High precision interlace/progressive (I/P) conversion image processing technology allows various source signals to be detected and processed with maximum precision, even those from mixed video/film media.

With all these features and more, the elegant black HC6500 truly is the perfect blend of sophisticated functionality and style.


Availability and Pricing
The HC6500 is available from your nearest home theatre specialist. For further details please visit or email

RRP AUD$ 4499.00

Specification Overview



Projection System

Transmissive Liquid Crystal System

Panel Specs

Panel size

0.74 type x3 Aspect ratio 16.9

Number of pixels


Drive system

3 primary colour liquid crystal shutter system


Stripe pattern

Optical specs

Zoom, focus operation

1.6-power zoom, motorised

Lens shift

Motorised up-down 75%, right-left 5%

Throw ratio


Projection lens

f=23.5-37.6mm, 0.9''-1.5''F1.8-2.3

Light source lamp **

160W (Shut off time 2000 Hrs) with Low mode (128W shut off time 5000Hrs)

Optical system

Mirror colour separation, prism synthesis system



Projection screen size (inches)



Brightness (maximum)

1200 lumens

Contrast ratio

15.000:1 (auto-iris) typ.

Resolution; PC input

PC input

VGA " 640x480 - UXGA" 1600x1200

Scan frequency

Horizontal (kHz)

15 100 kHz

Scan frequency

Vertical (Hz)

24, 50-120 Hz

Input system signal


NTSC, NTSC4.43 PAL, SECAM, PAL-60, Video input: 480l/p,573l/p, 1080p 60/50/24, 720p 60/50


PC/AT compatibles, Mac



PC input

Mini D-Sub 15 pin

1 terminal

HDMI input

HDMI terminal

2 terminals


RCA terminal

1 terminal


S-Video terminal

1 terminal


RCA terminal

1 terminal (component can also be input to Mini D-Sub 15 pin)

Serial / RS-232C standard

1 terminal (D-Sub 9 pin)


Trigger terminal

1 terminal


Digita keystone

Vertical 15steps

Fan noise

17dBA (at low mode)

Power source voltage

AC100V 50/60Hz

Power consumption (W)

250 (in standby 7W)

Weight (kg/lbs)


Main unit dimensions


427x159x440mm (excluding height adjustment)


Supplied accessories

Power source cord (2.5 cm), Remote control, AA batteries (x2), RGB signal cable, RS-232C cable, Lens cap, lamp replacement tray


* Specifications are subject to change without notice
**Approximate figure representing average operational life cycle

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