Experts provide insight into the Australian Home of the Future


New research from Mitsubishi Electric Australia, the experts in electrical products and green energy, has led to key predictions for the Australian Home of the Future, from efficiencies and design to how we entertain and style.

Findings focus on how Australians are currently using their home, their behaviours and their ideals when it comes to appliances and electronics.


Energy efficiency is always a major concern; however, predictions show that there may be a reason for this to shift, particularly when it comes to cooling and heating the home.

For example, the research shows that 70% of Australians think that air conditioning is the biggest contributor to high energy usage around the home, however, Mitsubishi Electric Australia predicts that this could soon change if electronic design keeps moving at a steady pace.

“We have been providing Australians with home cooling and heating solutions for more than 35 years and our products have played a part in significant change over time. Air conditioning is something that is evolving in regards to efficiencies in Australian homes. Innovations show that air conditioning units made as recently as 2002 run up to 40% less efficiently than new models. Consumers can expect this to continue to improve as new developments lead to even more efficient appliances for the home,” said Atesh Mani, Air Conditioning expert and Mitsubishi Electric National Product Manager.

As the brand that designed the very first cross-flow-fan air conditioner, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation holds Guinness World Record certification with 50 year’s experience - and counting - of unrivalled expertise in powerful and efficient airflow.


Research indicates that Australians are caring more about the look of their home, evident in the fact that 40% of families have redesigned or renovated after watching renovation shows on TV. The kitchen was identified by nine in 10 Aussies as the heart of the home. Increased interest in entertaining at home was also a key finding so it’s no wonder that three quarters (76%) of Aussies identify appliance related features as aspects of their dream kitchen.

The appearance of kitchen appliances is becoming more and more important to Aussies. Recent design trends showcase an influx of modern European kitchen styles and larger sized fridge models now at the forefront of what’s in demand. In addition, three in five (58%) Millennials say their dream kitchen includes modern style.

“Recent designs provide insight into what the fridges of tomorrow’s kitchen will include as basic components. Glass finishing on French doors and an LED touch screen panel are highly sought after features. These, along with slick colours and sleek, slim silhouettes will be seen across appliances for years to come,” says Jean-Marc Adele, Mitsubishi Electric Refrigeration Expert.


Seven in 10 (70%) Australians describe our culture of food as being about social dining, so it comes as no surprise that more than four in five (84%) of us entertain in our homes. More and more, Aussies are embracing cooking at home, and barbeques (79%), Australian-sourced produce (71%) and fresh seafood (59%) are what we characterise as our favourite fare.

“Fresh food is a key component of Aussie household entertaining, and our products are designed with this in mind,” says Jean-Marc.

“In years past, home cooks may never have thought it possible to freeze cooked food straight from the pan, or to keep meat freezer-fresh but still malleable, however, functionality such as Hot Freezing and Super Cool/Soft Freezing means you can. Mitsubishi Electric’s new models include an VitaLED light in our fruit and veg drawers to slow down the wilting process, meaning green vegetables bought in bulk for entertaining purposes will stay fresher for longer. It’s this kind of technology we look to the future with as we continue to deliver cutting-edge appliances designed specifically with the everyday Australian top of mind.”


Whilst most of us dream of a big, open plan kitchen, it’s not always a reality. “We understand living spaces are decreasing in size¹, and are likely to continue to decrease in size in the future,” says Jean-Marc.

Almost all (98%) Australians agree that the fridge is a significant part of the kitchen. However, lack of space in the fridge (39%) and freezer (47%) creates issues when it comes to preparing meals. Fortunately, modern refrigerator design means this common problem may soon be a thing of the past.

“We know Aussies love to cook, not only for their own household but in an entertaining capacity. That’s why our fridges feature spacious fruit and vegetable drawers, and wide-opening French Doors,” says Jean-Marc.

“Due to Australians love of fresh produce, we expect fridge space to further increase and freezer space to get smaller.”


¹CommSec Home Size Trends Report, Nov 2017

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