Mitsubishi Electric Australia report reveals concerns around household economy


One of the world’s leading suppliers of electrical products has today released its Mitsubishi Electric Australia Home Trends Report 2018, unveiling concerns around the household economy, mainly the cost of energy and food wastage.

The report was commissioned by Lonergan Research on behalf of Mitsubishi Electric Australia and surveyed a geographical representation of over 1,000 Australians. It provides a holistic perspective of how Australians use the home including the cost of living, design and entertainment. A snapshot of the report findings is included below.

COST OF ENERGY: What impact is Australia’s rising energy prices having on the household economy?

? 95% of Australians are concerned about the cost of energy and how it impacts their household budget
? 88% of Australians are more concerned about energy costs now than they were just 12 months ago
? 85% of Australians have altered their domestic duties to reduce household energy consumption

Australia’s rising energy prices are having an impact on family household budgets, however, it appears that as children grow older, these concerns decrease. Australian families with infants (0-4 years) expressed that they are ‘extremely concerned’ by energy costs followed by those families with children aged five to 12 years (42%) and families with children aged 12 to 17 years (36%).

As energy prices continue to soar, Australians are taking action to reduce energy usage costs around the home. Domestic duties have been altered; including washing clothes in cold water (75%), turning items off at the power outlet (65%), and using the clothesline instead of the dryer (63%). Additionally, one in four (26%) Australian families are now replacing their appliances with items that are more energy efficient.

Jessica Millard, Marketing & Communications Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Australia said demand for energy efficiency is only going to increase.

“We’ve been an integral part of Australian kitchens for more than 30 years and the demand for appliance options that save Australians cash in the long run has boomed in the past 24 months. We’re committed to catering to this local market demand and are proud to have launched our new line of refrigerators, designed specifically for Australians with high energy efficiency,” said Jessica.

FOOD WASTAGE: What impact is food having on our household economy?

? Australian family households are wasting $76.4 million in uneaten food per week
? 37% of Australians have decreased the number of takeaways they have ordered in the past 12 months
? 33% have decreased the number of ready-made meals that they have eaten in the past 12 months

Energy is not the only significant cost of running a home. Groceries are also a huge component of household budgets with the average weekly grocery basket coming to $163.07 or $604.8 million nationally. While household budgets appear to be tight, Australian families are wasting a significant proportion of food; with an average of 13% ($20.59) going uneaten each week - a total loss of $76.4 million per week (4 billion per annum) in uneaten food.

“Australians spend more on fresh food each week than any other food group. Fresh food often goes to waste as many are unaware that fridge settings can play a major part in keeping things crisper and healthier, longer. Additionally, new technologies mean that fresh food can be frozen easier than ever before. For example, our new fridges include a Versa drawer with Hot Freeze function. This means that cooked food can be put into the freezer while warm. No more need to leave leftovers cooling on the bench top,” said Jessica.

Download the Mitsubishi Electric Home Trends Report 2018.


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About Mitsubishi Electric Australia

About Mitsubishi Electric Australia

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