Mitsubishi Electric Australia report reveals rising energy costs is a major concern for Aussie households


Mitsubishi Electric has released its annual Australian Home Trends Report, which reveals Aussies are growing increasingly concerned with the rising cost of energy and its effect on their pocket.

2019 is the third year in which Mitsubishi Electric Australia has deep-dived into the living habits of everyday Australians. This has once again provided a holistic perspective of how we use the home, giving us an insight into the nation’s current behaviours and preferences.

The report was conducted by YouGov who surveyed a nationally geographical representation of over 1,000 Australians aged 18 and above.

Focussing on the impact of energy usage in the home, the survey results show that Australians are making an enormous effort to change behaviours to reduce energy consumption or to at least select products that are more energy efficient. A snapshot of the main report findings is included below.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: What are Australians’ concerns?

  • Overall, the majority of Australians’ (96%) level of concern about the cost of energy is growing – an increase of one percentage point from last year (95%)
  • 88% of Australians are concerned about the impact our energy usage has on the environment
  • 72% of Australian believe that electric heaters are a big contributor to high energy usage
  • Only 15% of Australians believe their home is extremely energy efficient

When asked to rate the energy efficiency of their current living environment, two thirds (65%) believed their home is somewhat energy efficient, however, just 15% selected extremely energy efficient.

This insight is positive as it suggests that we, as consumers, have the awareness to improve behaviours, however, the research shows that we still have a while to go before significant change is made.

Australian households are the second biggest consumer of energy after the manufacturing sector, so it comes as no surprise that almost all (94%) of us are concerned with how energy efficient our appliances are.

Despite many believing air-conditioning units to be the second biggest energy users, many of us admit to forgetting to switch them off or leaving the windows open once turned on.

Jeremy Needham, Executive Director, Mitsubishi Electric Australia said demand for energy efficiency is only going to increase.

“Since our last national study in 2018, Australian consumers continue to focus heavily on energy consumption. With our collective environmental consciousness becoming ever more socially important, attitudes towards energy efficiency and sustainability are stronger than ever before. Year on year we are seeing variations of new and emerging trends as generations change, new technologies and innovations take hold and society evolves,” said Jeremy.

“Mitsubishi Electric Australia has been synonymous with high-quality and innovative appliances for more than 30 years, and as the experts in what consumers do and don’t value in their homes, we are proud to continue to offer products designed specifically for Australians with high energy efficiency awareness in mind.”

Download the Mitsubishi Electric Home Trends Report 2019.

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