PEAD-RP71/100/125/140JAAD ceiling-concealed

  • Ceiling concealed

    These thin, ceiling-concealed indoor units are ideal for buildings with minimal ceiling installation space.

    These thin, ceiling-concealed indoor units are ideal for buildings with minimal ceiling installation space
  • House; Ducted air conditioning
  • Super quiet operation

    Ultimate quiet operation during the day - and even quieter at night.

    Unobtrusive, whole home heating and cooling

This series is superseded by PEAD-M-JAAD Series low profile ducted air conditioning system.

PAR-CT01MAA MA Touch Remote Controller

The full colour touch controller PAR-CT01MAA enables the control of both residential and commercial air conditioning applications. It has a customisable 3.5 inch colour LCD touch panel that makes it easy to use. Available in white or premium black finishes, suitable for any décor.

Wi-Fi Control

This innovative technology connects your domestic Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners to your smartphone, tablet or online account, giving you the freedom to fully control each unit on-the-go via an Internet connection. Optional additional adapter MAC-568IF-E required per unit.

Zone Control

Control 4 or 8 zones with the Mitsubishi Electric Zone Controller. The optional Zone Controller features three built-in sensors (temperature, brightness & occupancy), and allows monitoring and scheduled operation of the air conditioning unit and zones. These features combine to provide a comfortable air environment and greater control over energy consumption and costs.

Ideal airflow

The flexible duct design and high-pressure of our ducted systems increase variation in airflow options. This ensures the system operates optimally in virtually any layout.

Easy installation

Versatility and easy installation: you can adjust the distance between the air-intake and air-outlet vents to create optimal airflow.

Unobtrusive, whole home heating & cooling

Our ducted systems are specifically designed for installation in ceiling spaces. Ideal for large residences or offices, ducted units are the ultimate hidden heating and cooling solution with only grilles visible.

Lighter weight

Compared to previous models, the unit weight has been reduced by an average of 27kg, making for even easier installation.

Type Inverter Inverter Inverter Inverter Inverter
Capacity (Rated Conditions) kW 7.1 7.1 10.0 12.0 13.0
Capacity (Min - Max) kW 2.8- 8.1 3.3-8.1 4.9-11.4 5.5-14.0 6.2-15.3
Air Flow (Low/Med/Hi) l/s 292-350-417 292-350-417 400-483-567 492-592-700 533-650-767
External Static Pressure Pa 35-50-70-100-125 35-50-70-100-125 35-50-70-100-125 35-50-70-100-125 35-50-70-100-125
EER (Rated Conditions) 3.38 3.50 3.61 3.33 3.32
Capacity (Rated Conditions) kW 8.0 8.0 11.2 14.0 16.0
Capacity (Min - Max) kW 2.6 - 10.2 3.5-10.2 4.5-14.0 5.0-16.0 5.7-18.0
Air Flow (Low/Med/Hi) l/s 292-350-417 292-350-417 400-483-567 492-592-700 533-650-767
COP (Rated Conditions) 3.92 4.00 4.12 4.00 3.96
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 250 x 1,100 x 732 250 x 1,100 x 732 250 x 1,400 x 732 250 x 1,400 x 732 250 x 1,600 x 732
Weight - Indoor kg 30 30 39 40 44

Webisode | Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Works for Me

Meet Mick, a contract harvester from Wee Waa, in the New South Wales northwest. Mick was recommended a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning system by his local dealer, as it is designed to suit the demanding temperature extremes experienced in his area. The family likes being able to control the comfort in their zone.

Ducted air conditioning works for me

Mitsubishi Electric provides high quality, reliable products that are ideally suited to the demanding Australian environment. You will find our air conditioners in Wee Waa and beyond. There’s nothing quite like coming inside and having 21 degrees, every room, every day. Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioners #worksforme.

Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning