Fridge - 420L Top Mount – Stainless Steel Inverter

Inverter compressor

The inverter models constantly monitor the temperature within the refrigerator and adjust the power and running speed of the compressor accordingly, resulting in an optimum and a quieter operation.

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Sliding case

Equipped with a smooth-sliding roller, the Sliding Case allows for easy access. Great for storing dairy products and chilling drinks. Food is stored at around 0°C, ensuring longer lasting freshness.

Vegetable crisper

Now with VitaLED slowing down the wilting process in green leafy vegetables, helping locking in more freshness & nutrition.

Movable ice box

Release ice cubes from trays with a simple twist action into the collection box. The new ice trays and box can be moved anywhere in the freezer, or removed if you need more space.

LED light

Energy efficient LED light illuminates the refrigerator longer than an average refrigerator light bulb.

Tempered glass shelves

The Tempered Glass Shelves are easy to clean and built to withstand up to 100 kilograms of weight.

Antibacterial food liner

An Antibacterial liner and Titanium filter create a lifetime antibacterial and hygienic environment for your food.

Model MR-FX420EP
Capacity (Gross litres) Freezer Compartment 124
  Refrigerator Compartment 296
  Total 420
Dimensions Width (mm) 699
  Height (mm) 1720
  Depth (mm) 720
Weight (kg) Net (unit) 69
  Gross (shipping) 79
Cooling System   Multi Airflow
Energy Star Rating  (AS/NZS 4474.2-2009) 4.0
kWh/Year   322
Model variations    
White Right hand opening MR-FX420EP-W-A2
Stainless steel Right hand opening MR-FX420EP-ST-A2
Shiny black Right hand opening MR-FX420EP-SB-A2


Gross capacity based on AS-Standards (Australia).



Quality guaranteed

5 year warranty on parts and labour, 10 years parts on the compressor

We support our inverter refrigerators with a 5 years parts and labour warranty on the fridge and 10 year parts warranty for the compressor.