Jet Towel Smart Customised Colours

Compact and comfortable to use

With 13.2 cm between the air nozzles and the wall, there is more than enough space from large hands to dry comfortably.

A 0.1 sec Quick Response with optimised hand sensors that quickly react to users input for a more positive user experience.

The wide 15 cm nozzle spreads airflow across a large area, enabling both hands to be covered at the same time.

Eliminate paper waste

The Jet Towel does not create any paper waste, eliminating the trouble of waste disposal.

The cost of constantly replacing paper towels each day can be staggering.

Paper Towels need to be constantly refilled and paper garbage removed throughout the day.

Tough exterior

The protective steel outer shell and ABS body are designed to take quite a beating. They have been tested to withstand 15 J, which is more than two times the energy of an average impact*.

*Mitsubishi Electric estimates

Easy air filter maintenance

The air filter is important as it prevents excess dust and dirt from accumulating inside of the unit.

The filter is placed conveniently right up against the side of the intake grill, allowing for quick cleaning without any disassembly required.

Clean and hygienic

NSF International, an independent third-party public safety health and standards organisation, has certified Jet Towels to be compliant in its rigorous requirements (NSF/ANSi 169).

The top of the Jet Towel Smart is tilted at a 12-degree angle to prevent users from leaving unwanted trash and other objects on the unit.

High level of safety

The air intake is located separately from the output nozzles to reduce the risk of water intake.

High-voltage circuit boards are completely covered by a protective metal enclosure. In the highly unlikely event of a fire occurring, flames are sealed in and cannot spread outside of the barrier.

Model JT-S2AP

JT-S2AP-W-NE - White
JT-S2AP-S-NE Silver-Dark Grey
JT-S2AP - Customised

JT-S2AP Jet Towel Smart for bathrooms
Drying method Single jet airflow drying
Power supply 220 V - 240 V 50/60 Hz
Heater On Off
Drying time*1 (sec) High 9~12 10~13
Standard 14~16 15~17
Power consumption (W) High 880-980 630-730
Standard 660-740 410-490
Air speed (m/s) High 150-158
Standard 125-132
Noise level *2 (dB) High 60-62
Standard 58-59
Motor type Commutator motor
Hygienic features
Antibacterial surfaces Yes
NSF certification Yes
Alcohol-cleanable Yes*3
External dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 250 x 160 x 290
Weight (kg) 4.5
Drain tank (L) N/A
DownloadDownload specification sheet

*1 Time needed to reduce remaining water to 50 mg or less per hand (in-house study).

*2 Measurements made in anechoic chamber at a distance of 2 m.

*3 Excluding front panel

An Inside Look of the Jet Towel Smart

See how the Jet Towel Smart hand dryer from Mitsubishi Electric works.