e-series Modular Chillers

Chilled water systems have been used for decades to deliver controlled cooling to buildings, but with increasing pressure on energy efficiency and running costs, we now need a low-carbon, cost effective option. Comprising of Cooling Only and Heat Pump models, ?Mitsubishi Electric e-series modular chiller range provides the perfect solution.?

High efficiency

The e-series modular chiller range uses highly efficient scroll compressor technology from our City Multi VRF units, along with advanced inverters and controls to deliver exceptional efficiency and wide operating range.

EER 3.30 / COP 3.50

EER shows the value at an outdoor air temperature of 35°C and cool water inlet/outlet temperatures of 12°C/7°C, respectively.
COP shows the value at an outdoor air temperature of 7°C and hot water inlet/outlet temperatures of 40°C/45°C, respectively.

Pump input is not included.

  • The air suction area is expanded to maximize the performance of the air heat exchanger.
  • Two independent refrigerant circuits are provided in the module to cool and heat water in two stages in series to improve EER and COP.

e-series modular chiller range

Unique modular approach

Up to six individual units can be connected together to provide a system capacity from 90kW to 540kW. Using this modular approach reduces space requirements and simplifies lifting and installation.


air cooled chillers - front surface-facing double-row installation example

Reduced plant space

Each 90kW module can be positioned in a row of up to six connected units using the same internal header. For larger systems it is possible to have the units facing each other with a gap of only 900mm service space.


Internal header pipe

Internal header pipe

The in-built internal header pipes simplify design, installation and maintenance. This feature makes the e-series modular chiller range suitable to almost all applications.


Exceptional features

With the new e-series modular chiller range, we have examined every single component to find ways of increasing performance, reliability and overall system efficiency. The products bring all of this advanced technology and know-how together in a unique package to aid design, specification, installation and on-going operation.

High efficiency inverter compressor

Two advanced DC inverter-driven scroll compressors are incorporated within each 90kW module. This gives a capacity range of 8% to 100% for each module.


Two-stage cooling circuit

Both compressors serve separate plate heat exchangers located in the centre of the unit. By modulating the evaporating temperature individually, overall system efficiency can increase by an additional 3.9%, compared to single evaporating refrigeration cycles.


Fan inverter control

Each of the two refrigerant circuits has three separately controlled, inverter-driven DC fans, allowing for more precise control to save energy and optimise system efficiency.


Front service

Access to the control box and other serviceable parts is situated at the front of the unit to ease service and maintenance regimes.


U-shaped high performance compact air heat exchanger

The use of U-shaped heat exchangers allows for a greater surface area whilst also keeping the e-series units much narrower than conventional chillers. Blue Fin anti-corrosion coating on the heat exchanger is also provided as standard.



The e-series fan blades have improved ventilation characteristics and a newly designed rear edge that suppresses wind turbulence to increase efficiency and reduce noise levels.


Digital indicator

A dedicated digital indicator inside the PCB displays high pressure, low pressure, water inlet temperature, water outlet temperature, error codes etc., thereby aiding service and maintenance.

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