Water Cooled VRF

The new Mitsubishi Electric City Multi water cooled variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioning system dramatically reduces installation footprint and piping, increases the capacity of single-module units, and reduces energy costs.

Water sourced simultaneous heating and cooling

The advantages of a water heat source system have been added to the air heat source CITY MULTI series, making it suitable for wider range of applications in high rises, cold climates, coastal areas, etc. The models operate in the same way as the air cooled versions, but do not suffer the need to defrost and are ideal retro-fit to existing water cooled building systems.


WR2 heat recovery type

Mitsubishi Electric now offers double heat recovery operation.

The first heat recovery is within the refrigerant system. Simultaneous cooling and heating operation are available with heat recovery performed between indoor units. The second heat recovery is within the water loop, between the PQRY units.

This double heat recovery operation substantially improves energy efficiency and makes the system the ideal solution to the requirements of modern office buildings, where some areas require cooling even in winter.

Cooling WY heat pump series

Water energy source system allows switching between cooling and heating.

The WY-Series has all the benefits of the Y-Series using water source condensing units.

Condensing units can be situated indoors allowing greater design flexibility and no limitation on building size. Depending on capacity, up to 15 to 50 indoor units can be connected to a single condensing unit with individualized and/or centralized control. The two-pipe system allows all CITY MULTI solutions to switch between cooling and heating while maintaining a constant indoor temperature.

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