HBC Controller

The HBC (Hydro BC controller) allows simultaneous cooling and heating of Hybrid systems by connecting several indoor units to one outdoor unit using only two pipes. It has a built in heat exchange between refrigerant and water. Plastic water pipe is then used between the HBC and the indoor units.

Used for the connection between the outdoor unit and the indoor units. The heat exchange for refrigerant and water is performed by using the industry’s first and only technology.


Hybrid 2 pipe heat recovery

In many ways, the HBC (Hydro BC controller) is the technological heart of the Hybrid City Multi. It works in unison with the outdoor unit to provide simultaneous heating and cooling, something no other two-pipe system can do. The HBC is connected to the outdoor unit by two refrigerant pipes and to each indoor unit by a series of two water pipes via its built in heat exchange between refrigerant and water.

The HBC is required for all Hybrid City Multi installations. Currently the Main HBC comes in two sizes with 8-branch connections or 16 branch connections. Slave HBC’s are also available in 8 or 16 branch connections which allows for a more flexible system layout.

Hydro BC controller

Hydro BC controller


Branches Model
8 CMB-WP108V-GA1
16 CMB-WP1016V-GA1
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