Fridge tips you need to know – Before National Clean Out Your Fridge day.

We celebrate National Clean Out Your Fridge Day this month with some handy tips on cleaning and food storage to make your life that bit easier.

4 Steps to a clean fridge

Cleaning out your fridge doesn’t need to be a job to avoid. With the help of our Mitsubishi Electric Refrigeration Team, we have broken it down into four simple to follow steps. Allowing you to have that fridge sparkling and ready for the busy summer months ahead.


Download ‘4 Steps to a Clean Fridge’ Infographic


25% Rule

The most common mistake Australians make with their fridge storage is overcrowding. Our brand ambassador Fast Ed explains the all-important 25% rule when it comes to stacking your fridge.

Watch Fast Ed’s ‘25% Rule’ video here 

25 percent fridge rule video


In or out of the fridge?

Ever wondered whether you should store certain food items in the fridge or out?

Fast Ed has basic rules for some of the most common fruits and vegetables, and we break it down into a quick reference guide.


Download ‘In or Out’ Infographic

Watch Fast Ed’s ‘In or out of the fridge’ video here 


Chillin’ with smelly foods

We all love some of the smelliest foods like seafood, deli meats and cheese. But how do you store them to ensure your whole fridge doesn’t end up smelling the same way.

Watch Fast Ed’s ‘Chillin’ with smelly foods’ video here 

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