PKA-KAL 7.1 kW - 10.0 kW Wall Mounted Inverter

The PKA power inverter heat-pump is suitable for wall mounted installation in applications such as shops, offices and similar small to medium sized spaces.

wall mounted commercial air conditioning systems

The split system comprises the PKA wall mounted indoor unit, an outdoor unit and a wall mounted control panel.

The PKA offers swing flow louvres, which give broader air distribution. The intake grille filter can be completely removed allowing easy cleaning, and improving efficiency.

Auto-flap Shutter Enhances Good Looks

The Intake Grille Filter Can be Completly Removed Allowing Easy Cleaning

4-way Piping Provides More Flexibility in Selecting Installation Sites

Wired Remote Controller Available(Optio)

Drain Pump Option Available with All Models

Thanks to the new power inverter system, a large reduction on power consumption is now possible. This results in one of the highest Coefficient of Performance (COP) ratings available, helping to lower overall running costs and providing great savings.



Specification Overview

Indoor Unit PKA-RP71KAL PKA-RP100KAL
Outdoor Unit PUHZ-RP71VHA5 PUHZ-RP100V/YKA2
Function Cooling Heating Cooling Heating
Net Capacity (kW) 7.1 8.0 10.0 11.2
COP 3.62 3.76 3.45 3.61
ACOP 3.42 3.56 3.20/3.17 3.34/3.31
Power Supply

V:Single-phase,50Hz, 230V Y:Three-phase, 50hz,400V

(CMM) 18-20-22
(CMM) 20-23-26
(L/S) 300-333-367
(L/S) 333-383-433
Sound Pressure Level (dB)
Dimensions Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
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