Oaks Horizon Case Study

Mitsubishi Electric Introduces State of the Art “Power Logging” for Oaks Horizons.

The Challenge

As a new development, the opportunity existed to incorporate air conditioning into the Oaks Horizons complex from the very beginning. However, as the apartments were to be individually owned, the challenge was how the operating costs could be fairly distributed to the owners.

Other factors to be considered in selecting the air conditioning system included size as there was limited space for the plant, with small ceilings and little space for piping. As this was to be a residential complex, noise was also a major concern, as were simple controls and the ability to get good performance while saving energy.

The Mitsubishi Electric Solution

Bestec decided the best solution for Oaks Horizons was Mitsubishi Electric’s City Multi VRF range of products, combined with the G50A central controller and TG2000A power logging software. The Mitsubishi Electric range was selected because of the smaller dimensions, low noise, easy to use controls and its energy efficient performance.


Adelaide-based Frigrite Air Conditioning installed the Mitsubishi Electric system. Scott Oatway from Frigrite Air Conditioning described the installation as being fairly straightforward, but it wasn’t without it’s challenges. During the planning stages, they worked with the architects to ensure there was adequate room for the air conditioning. “The fact that Mitsubishi Electric’s products were smaller in size was very significant – for this job, millimetres truly mattered,” explained Oatway.

Because of the design and the functionality of the Mitsubishi Electric products being used, Frigrite was able to minimise the amount of outdoor plant that was required and also keep the amount of piping down. The benefits of this were that costs could be reduced due to less equipment being required and that less space was needed for the plant, leading to more pleasing building aesthetics.

From the Customer’s Perspective

As a mixed residential/guest accommodation facility, ease of use was obviously a major concern.

Natalie Marshall, assistant manager at Oaks Horizons describes the system as very user friendly, especially in comparison to systems she’s used in the past.

“Using the G50A controller gives us complete access and control at the hit of a button. For example, a guest might call the front desk and report a problem with the air conditioning in their apartment. We can hone in on that apartment, see what the problem is and get it fixed immediately,” explained Marshall.

The power logging functionality is also very useful. “As the apartments are all individually owned, the ability to charge for power consumption based on air conditioning usage in a fair and equitable way is really important. Using the power logging functionality, the metres can be read for each apartment, with this information then being sent to the body corporate and billed back to the owners,” Marshall said.

“We’re very happy with the system so far,” concluded Marshall.

About Power Logging

Mitsubishi Electric combines its G50A central controller with the TG2000A software and hardware to allow advanced air conditioning management. One of these advanced management features is power logging, allowing electric power consumption charges to be apportioned based on air conditioning usage.

Power logging works by having a current transformer connected to the air conditioning unit, which in turn is connected to a watt-hour meter. The watt-hour meter measures the power consumption in kilowatts per hour. This data is then sent to the TG2000A which apportions the electricity charge to the indoor units based on the usage.

About Oaks Horizons

Oaks Horizons, formerly Ramada Adelaide, is a serviced apartment complex of one and two bedroom apartments, located in the heart of Adelaide. The apartments are opposite the convention centre, Festival Centre theatre and Sky City Casino, and just a short walk from Rundle Mall shopping centre

The apartments are privately owned, and are either leased to Oaks, privately leased or owner-occupied. Construction of the complex started in November 2002 and was completed twelve months later.

Oaks Horizons

Oaks Horizon inside roomOaks Horizon City Multi outdoor units

Solution at a Glance

Products Used

  • G50A central controller
  • TG2000A software
  • City Multi VRF R2Y range
  • 17 outdoor condensing units – City Multi PURYP500YMF-C and PURYP250YMF-C
  • 96 indoor units – City Multi ducted built-in units, PDFY

Designed By
Bestec Pty Ltd

Installed By
Frigrite Air Conditioning

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