JT-SB216ESH-W Jet Towel Hand Dryer

With super fast drying, controlled by upper and lower sensors, Mitsubishi Electric’s Jet Towel Hand Dryer proven technology is the 21st century smart choice for energy and hygiene conscious commercial environment designers and installers.

Low Energy Operation

Low power motor technology designed to save energy, and Jet Towel’s optimum control, create an efficient drying experience whilst reducing C02 emissions and lowering running costs.

Quiet Operation

The Jet Towel Hand Dryer has been designed to have an exceptionally low noise level. The new hyper-nozzle, instilled with advanced jet stream control technology developed by Mitsubishi Electric, resolves the problem of mutual interference noise between air currents. This limits the maximum noise level to 59dB, and a mere 52dB when operating within the minimum speed level.

Upper and Lower Sensors

When the hands are fully inside the Jet Towel Hand Dryer, lower sensor detection starts the airflow. Withdrawing the hands automatically halts operation, in a touch-free design that is superbly hygienic.

Dual Jet Drying

Drying speed is proportional to airflow and volume. For even faster drying, our proven Dual Jet Engineering is now complemented with a streamlined nozzle design.


Open-side Design

The Jet Towel Hand Dryer is open on both sides, enabling easy access from the side without touching the unit. With hands in, slowly lifting them up and down 2-3 times maximises drying performance and prevents waterdroplets from leaving the unit.

Instant Warm Heater

The Jet Towel Hand Dryer stores heat when the unit is not in use. Inserting hands instantly triggers a warm jet of pre-heated air, which has the option of being switched off during warm periods.

Antimicrobial Treatment – Simple to Clean

All parts within the Jet Towel Hand Dryer that come into contact with water receive an antimicrobial treatment. The material within the unit has also been treated to withstand alcohol-based cleaning products.

Reduction of paper waste

The highly efficient Jet Towel Hand Dryer not only reduces CO2, but also eliminates unhygienic waste.


Specification Overview

Model JT-SB216ESH-W
Drying method  Dual jet airflow drying
Airflow rate (high) 80 m/s
External dimensions (mm) (W x D x H) 300 x 225 x 835
Power supply 220 V - 240 V 50/60 Hz
Rated current (A) 4.0 (4.6-5 heater on)
Power consumption (W) 650 (1010-1200 heater on)
Motor type DC brushless motor
Power cord None
Heater Yes
Drain tank (L) 0.8
Weight (kg)  14
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  • JT-SB216ESH-W (Heater type)


JT-SB216ESH-W Brochure - (6.26 MB)
Jet Towel Installation Manual - (0.42 MB)
Jet Towel User Manual - (0.25 MB)
Jet Towel cleaning User Manual - (0.15 MB)