Mitsubishi Electric Touch Screen Displays

Mitsubishi Electric Australia offers a number of our LCD Public Displays in a touch screen model. Utilising Infra-red technology, our touch screen displays deliver excellent picture quality and high responsiveness.


Mitsubishi Electric's range of touch screen displays offer a number of enhanced features to boost performance and user friendliness.

Infra-RedTechnology - This technology offers superior performance when compared to other touch screens, including features such as no minimum touch activation force, the use of any kind of pointing device, one-time calibration with no periodic drift and multi-touch capability.

Multi-Touch - Available when using Windows 7 or 8, multi-touch provides users with enhanced control over objects on the screen.

Landscape or Portrait Orientation - Mitsubishi Electric touch screen displays can be installed in either landscape or portrait, expanding the possibilities for use.

Specification Overview

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Dual Point Multi-touch Brochure - (0.20 MB)
Six Point Multi-touch Brochure - (1.78 MB)

Quality guarantee

Three Year Limited Warranty