AG-150A Controller

Touch screen centralised controller with webserver capabilities.

Mitsubishi Electric's centralised controller AG-150A  offers a large 9 inch touch screen display with easy control of up to 50 indoor units. Up to 150 units can be controlled via expansion controller(PAC-YG50ECA).The AG-150A can calculate the energy used for each system, zone or indoor unit, when used together with TG-2000 software. An Internet connection with SSL security is available to monitor and control the AG-150A remotely and receive email under fault conditions.

New design

Backlight colour liquid crystal display

  • 9 inch wide, high resolution
  • Backlight makes it easy to see and control units


Touch panel

  • Touch panel enables operation of units by touching with index finger


New functions

Controllable units/groups

  • Controls up to 50 units/groups (including indoor units, LOSSNAY, general equipment)
  • Up to 150 units can be controlled via expansion controller.


Monitoring functions

  • Temperature/humidity (using AI controller with web browser) *1
  • General equipment such as lights on LCD (using DIDO controller)
  • Interlock function between indoor units and general equipment

Energy saving functions

  • Seasonal scheduling and automatic switchover *1
  • Yearly scheduling on LCD *1
  • Scheduling fan speed and airflow direction
  • Optimised start up control
  • Sliding temperature control
  • Setback function

*1 – PIN activation required

AG-150A Controller

AG-150 Controller

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AG-150A Visual Controller Brochure - (0.70 MB)
AG-150A User Manual - (3.62 MB)
CITY MULTI Case Study Brochure - (3.12 MB)