MW/MWH-KV Window/Wall Mounted

Compact window/wall type air conditioners.

Compact & Easy to Install

Saving you time and money

The compact window/wall type is designed small enough to fit easily in almost any apartment or house window. The window-type models also feature a slide-out chassis that simplifies installation and maintenance. Further adding to convenience is the one-touch air filter removal feature which allows the air filter to slide out easily for quick rinsing and cleaning.

Other Features

Four-Direction Airflow Control

Airflow can be easily adjusted in four different directions by moving the louvres.

Auto-Sweep system (MW(H)-12/17KV; MW09RV)

Provides more uniform air distribution by directing blown air right and left.

Drain Splash (Cooling only models - MW-09RV, MW-12/17KV)

A drain splash system evaporates drain water from the back of the unit, eliminating the need for a drain pipe.





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MW/MWH-KV Window/Wall Brochure - (0.30 MB)
MWH-12/17KV User Manual - (0.36 MB)