Climaveneta chillers

Widest range of solutions

Modern architecture and occupiers’ increased sensitivity to comfort in the workplace require a focus on the specific characteristics of each building, both in terms of usage as well as of structural features.

  • From 1 to 4190 kW
  • Any kind of system design: hydronic, all-air, data centre solutions and water loop heat pumps
  • Any kind of technology, divided into 12 product sub-ranges

Highest configurability

A wide range of configurations has been developed in order to give customers maximum design freedom: all the units are adaptable to a variety of plant configurations to cover a very wide range of requirements and goals

  • Each product is available in countless configurations for all relevant aspects
  • Efficiency versions as a standard in all hydronic products
  • Noise reduction versions as a standard in all products
  • Heat recovery options as a standard for all hydronic systems
  • Heat recovery options as a standard for rooftop units for all-air-systems
  • Air-treatment version as a standard for all air handling units


Product range


Heat pump range

Air cooled chillers with free-cooling technology

i-FX chillers and heat pumps with full inverter technology

Multiuse heat pumps for 4-pipe systems

NX2 air cooled chillers with scroll compressors

Controls, monitoring and optimisation systems

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