DD522452UE Driver & Installation Instructions

Device drivers and installation instructions for DD522452UE external USB CDRW drive.

Models: DD522452UE

Save the downloaded file (USB_Driver.exe) to your computers hard disk and double click the file to extract its contents. The files will be extracted to the following directory by default C:\DD522452UE.

Before installing a new driver, please make sure to remove any old versions of the drivers. To do this, click on Start then Run, and type C:\DD522452UE \SETUP_UNINSTALL_V126.EXE, then click OK. The program will run, select the Choose Uninstall component, then click Next, followed by OK. Restart your computer to finish uninstalling the old drivers.

Note: Be sure to have your CD-RW drive disconnected before following the install procedures below.

Windows 98

  1. Click on Start then Run, and type C:\DD522452UE\SETUP_UNINSTALL_V126.EXE, then click OK.

  2. In the Select Components window, select Choose Setup Component and click Next.

  3. At the Update Complete window, select "Yes, I want to restart my computer now" and click Finish.

  4. Upon restart, connect your CD-RW drive to the computer. Windows will detect the drive and automatically load the correct driver. Be sure to restart the computer before using the CD-RW drive.