Diamond Data DVD-ROM Firmware Upgrades

All Diamond Data DVD-ROM drives have their programs stored in on-board flash memory. The contents of the flash memory can be upgraded. Upgrades are released from time to time to improve the performance of the DVD-ROM drives or resolve specific issues.



  • Mitsubishi Electric Australia recommends that you do not upgrade the firmware in your DVD-ROM drive unless you are specifically experiencing the problems described.

  • Make sure that the upgrade that you download is the correct one for your model of DVD-ROM drive. Do not rely on the drive's speed when selecting an upgrade program as several different models have been released for each drive speed.

  • The upgrades available from this page are only suitable for use with the Diamond Data DVD-ROM drive models listed. They will not work with other drive models or drives manufactured by other companies.

  • The firmware upgrades will not in any way bypass or reset the RPC-II control mechanism (regional playback control).

  • Only use firmware upgrades available from this web page with Diamond Data DVD-ROM drives. The use of other firmware will void the drive's warranty.


To upgrade the DVD-ROM firmware, you will need an MS-DOS bootable floppy disk. Also ensure the DVD-ROM drive is connected to Secondary IDE channel with master configuration.

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the upgrade file for your DVD-ROM drive to the hard disk and run the file to unzip the contents to a floppy disk.

  2. Open the floppy disk and double click the readme.txt file included within. Print out or write down the instructions included - these are the instructions for performing the firmware update.

  3. Reboot the PC using the A: bootable floppy disk.

  4. Make sure that there is no CD or DVD in the DVD-ROM drive and close the tray.

  5. When the DOS prompt appears, remove the boot disk and insert the floppy disk containing the DVD-ROM firmware update files. Follow the instructions printed out from the readme file to commence upgrading the firmware.


    : Do not turn the PC off until the upgrade has completed. The upgrade will take approximately 30 seconds.

  6. Remove the floppy disk and reboot the PC once the upgrade has been completed.

Note: The firmware update for the DD1648-3xx does not need to be run in MS-DOS - it is a windows executable file and can be run from Windows.

Drive Speed Model Number Most Recent Firmware Revision Upgrade File Function
16X 1640A 1.22 16x122.exe resolves non detection issue with Intel D815EEA and D850GB motherboards
16X 1640A-232 1.21 1640-232_fw121.exe resolves the issues that prevent running SETUP.EXE & Autorun files with Intel D850GB motherboards
16X 1648A-132 1.12 1648a_112.exe Adds DVD-R/ RW and DVD+R/ RW readback functionality
16x 1648-3xx 5.CV 5CV.exe Disables UDMA66 if TXD pin is shorted. Solves protected CD can not ready/play issue. Improved performance. Solves region code update issue. Improved PQAF

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