Ceiling cassette 4-Way Flow PLFY-P VAM-E

The compact size of this unit is ideal for 950 by 950 mm ceilings, this lightweight unit makes installation a breeze. 72 airflow patterns provide the best solution for varying room layouts and air conditioning requirements.

City Multi PLFY-P-VAM


  • 72 airflow patterns
  • drain water pipe lift up to 850 mm
  • wide-flow air outlet - suits rooms up to 4.2 m high
  • Fresh air duct facility

PLFY-P63VAM-E 4-Way Flow Ceiling Cassette installed in The Rocks Discovery Museum, Sydney.

Specification Overview

Model P32 P40 P50 P63 P80 P100 P125
Capacity 3.6 kW 4.5 kW 5.6 kW 7.1 kW 9.0 kW 11.2 kW 14.0 kW
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