Diamond Data CD-ROM Firmware Upgrade

Diamond Data CD-ROM drives with a maximum read speed of 32X or greater have their programs stored in on-board flash memory. The flash memory can be upgraded. Upgrades are released from time to time to improve the performance of the CD-ROM drives or resolve specific issues. Other models cannot be upgraded.


Mitsubishi Electric Australia recommends that you do not upgrade the firmware in your CD-ROM drive unless you are experiencing problems.

Ensure you only use upgrades specific to your model of CDROM drive. The speed of your CDROM drive is not a reliable indicator
of the model (multiple models have been released for most speeds). Installation of the incorrect firmware upgrade will void your warranty
and may result in irreversible damage to the CDROM drive.

For example 3 models of Diamond Data 40X drive have been released.

The upgrades available from this page are only suitable for use with the Diamond Data CD-ROM drive models listed. They will not work with other drive models or drives manufactured by other companies.


To check the firmware version of your CD-ROM drive do one of the following:

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel and double-click System. Click on the Device Manager tab and double-click CD-ROM. Click Properties and then the Settings tab. The firmware revision will be shown.

  2. Look on the label on the top of the drive. The firmware version is a 4 character code marked at the bottom right-hand corner of the label.

  3. Download the program getver.exe (30 KB), boot to a DOS prompt and run the program to display the firmware version. Note that this program may not work with some computer systems.

To install the firmware,


  1. Create a bootable floppy disk by


    1. using the Windows Format utility and selecting "Copy System Files" or

    2. by running the command

      sys a:

    from either the DOS prompt or the Windows Start menu.

  2. Download the upgrade file for your CD-ROM drive and save it onto the bootable floppy disk.

  3. Reboot the PC from the floppy disk that you created.

  4. Make sure that there is no CD in the CD-ROM drive and close the tray.

  5. Boot the PC to a DOS prompt (do not use a DOS Window) and

  6. Run the upgrade file by typing its name at the DOS prompt and pressing Enter

    WARNING: Do not turn the PC off until the upgrade has completed. The upgrade will take approximately 30 seconds.

  7. Remove the floppy disk and reboot the PC once the upgrade has been completed.

The latest firmware version for each model of CD-ROM drive is listed below. Click on the file name to download the upgrade. All files have a size of approximately 151 KB.


Drive Speed

Model Number

Most Recent Firmware Revision

Upgrade File

32X 632A-023 327P 327p.exe
  632A-123 32UP 32up.exe
36X 636A-023 36GP 36gp.exe
  636A-323 T6HP t6hp.exe
40X 640A-023 40DP 40dp.exe
  640A-123 T0WP t0wp.exe
  640A-223 N0EP n0ep.exe
  640A-423 NOHK nohk.exe
48X 648A-023 N8JK n8jk.exe
  648A-045 N8JK n8jk.exe
50X 650P-023 50KT 50kt.exe
  650P-045 50KT 50kt.exe
  650P-123 50CM 50cm.exe
  650P-145 50CM 50cm.exe
52X 652A-123 52BV 52bv.exe
  652P-123 52CR 52cr07.exe