Mitsubishi Electric is proud to introduce a home theater projector that will astound any cinematic connoisseur - the HC3000 DLP™ projector with BrilliantColor™ technology.

It has all the quality features you'd expect from a Mitsubishi projector, such as a long lamp life, low fan noise, high contrast and portability - but it's also setting new standards with innovative technology.

At the heart of the HC3000 is Texas Instruments' state-of-the-art TI DarkChip2™ with the DDP3020 chip featuring BrilliantColor™. BrilliantColor™ is a new, cutting-edge technology that enables higher brightness, by boosting the midtone colour levels, while providing truer, more vibrant colours for realistic and lifelike images. Just turn it on and you will see, the HC3000 takes your home entertainment experience to all new levels.

Key Features

BrilliantColor™ Technology
With the advanced colour processing method of BrilliantColor™,
you will see truer images with higher brightness and vibrant colour
for a stunning and more realistic picture.

TrueVision™ Image Processing
When it comes to optimal video performance, TrueVision™
Image Processing offers simply the best picture with unbelievable
clarity and video fidelity.

  • TrueVision™ Image Processing with Film Mode
    Optimal image de-interlacing for film-like motion video
    performance for a truly cinematic experience.
  • TrueVision™ Image Processing with Noise Reduction
    Built-in filters practically eliminate any image "noise"
    resulting in crystal-clear video.
  • TrueVision™ Image Processing with Edge-Adaptive Interpolation
    High performance video enhancement ensures that lines and
    edges are smooth regardless of their position on the screen.

The New DDP3020 Data Processor
TheDDP3020 supports integrated 10-bit digital gamma correction and
I/P conversions (which is 4x's the gradation of conventional 8-bit modes)
producing smoother flesh tones and overall flowing images.

High-Speed LVDS (low-voltage differential signals)
Equipped with high-speed memory (RLDRAM) increases data transmission
efficiency and high-speed LVDS drive to produce a high caliber gradation
for a clean and clear image.

Resolution Support
Includes a new 0.65-type WXGA DLP device compatible with three
resolution modes: 1280x720 (HD), Real XGA 1024x768, and WXGA
1280x768 (15:9). Resolution levels may also be changed, depending
on the software and hardware.

10-bit I/P Conversion
Mounted with a 10-bit processing circuit, annoying screen jaggies are
eliminated and overall noise is reduced for a smoother looking picture.

Hush 25dBA noise level
With a low 25dBA (low mode) noise level, you will be able to sit back,
relax and enjoy your home theater picture, instead of listening to it.

Automated Screen Trigger support
With Screen Trigger support, you will be able to control your screen
with the touch of your finger by linking the HC3000 power source
with your motorized screen.

Center Lens and Ventilation
With its centrally located lens and front ventilation design, picture
alignment is simple and heat discharge will be pushed away from
viewers sitting next to or behind the HC3000 for a pleasurable
viewing experience.

Lamp Life of up to 3000 hours
With its optimal light source design and proprietary light timing
technologies, the HC3000 can offer an extended lamp life of up
to 3000 hours.

Contrast Ratio of 4000:1
The combination of the newly developed DDP3020 panel driver
with an all-glass lens, combine to generate a high 4000:1 contrast
ratio between dark and light images for an overall striking picture.

User Gamma Correction
The HC3000 includes support for Sports, Video, Cinema and User
Gamma modes. It also supports scalable color temperatures for
subtle picture adjustments to satisfy a user specific viewing needs.

Multi-Level Motorized Lens Iris Control
Supports 2-level remote control lens iris aperture switching for
optical contrast adjustments.

High Definition HDMI support
Includes high definition HDMI signal support with DVD players
and other digital equipment for a true high definition viewing

Specification Overview

Model HC3000

Display technology

DDP3020 DLP TrueVision™ Integrated Circuit with Dark Chip 2 featuring
BrilliantColor™ Technology


1280 x 768 (Total 983,040 pixels), HD720p


1000 ANSI lumens


4000:1 (on / off)

Picture size

40” ~ 275" (100" = 3.6m)

Source lamp

200W (Shut Off Time 2000 Hrs) with Low Mode (160W: Shut Off Time 3000 Hrs) ¥

Computer compatibility

640 x 480 ~ 1024 x 576 (Compressed 1280 x 1024), Sync on green available

Video compatibility

NTSC / NTSC 4.43 / PAL (including PAL-M, N / SECAM / PAL-60)

Component Video; 480i/p (525i/p), 576i/p, 720p, 1080i (1125i 60Hz), 1080i(1125i 50Hz)

SCART (RGB +1V sync)

PC input terminals

PC : Mini D-sub 15pin x 1

Video input terminals

HDMI x 1


RCA x 1, S-Video x 1


Component x 1


Output terminals

12V Trigger Out; Stereo mini-jack (3.5mm) x 1


Communication terminals

RS-232C (8pin) x 1 (Direct Command is available), USB (Service use only)

Power consumption

280W / 2.9A

Fan noise

25 dBA ( lamp mode low)

Dimensions (WxHxD)

310 x 100 x 245 mm (excluding stand)


3.0 kg

Power supply

AC100 ~ 120V / 220-240V / ±10%, 50/60Hz

¥ Approximate figure representing average operational life cycle.

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