The Mitsubishi Electric VS-1281E is a versatile, professional, three-CRT projector with excellent features. It blends the latest technology with a broad compatibility range for almost every computer or video generated presentation application. It is the first projector to offer True Digital Convergence, which virtually eliminates the tedious task of convergence and dramatically reduces the time required for set-up.

Mitsubishi Electric VS-1281E CRT projector

The usability of The VS-1281E is further enhanced by the Flexible Optical Coupling, which allows for precise switching between screen sizes from 70 inches to 300 inches while maintaining the benefits of an optically coupled and liquid-cooled CRT and lens system.

Additional technical advances include the newly designed seven-inch electromagnetic focus CRTs with six-inch display areas, a broad 15 to 103 kHz auto-scanning range and an 80 MHz video bandwidth at -3db.

For the highest resolution and performance with the easiest set-up and use, The VS-1281E from Mitsubishi Electric is overwhelmingly the choice in projection technology today.

Key features include:

  • True Digital Convergence
  • Flexible Optical Coupling
  • Resolution up to 1000 TV lines from a composite or S-video source and 1600 dots x 1200 lines from RGB sources
  • 900 peak lumen output
  • Nine zone digital focus
  • Modular design for quick and easy service access
  • 30 memory locations for storage of 30 setups
  • Liquid cooling
  • Wireless remote
  • Automatic source recall
  • Multiple aspect ratio settings
  • Built-in multiple frequency pattern generator

Specification Overview

Model Number VS-1281E
Display Size: 70" / 76.2 cm to 300" / 762 cm .
Resolution: 1000 TV lines composite; 1600 x 1200 with RGB source.
Light Source: 900 (peak lumens).
Auto-Scan Range: 15 to 103 kHz (horizontal).
Lenses: Colour corrected F1.1 hybrid lenses; Optically coated elements; Special coloured green lens; Dichroic coating on green and blue lenses.
CRTs: 7" / 17.8 cm with electromagnetic focus; 6" / 15.24 cm phosphor area; Impregnated Cathode Dynamic Beam Forming for improved edge focus.
Inputs: RGB analog (x2), composite video, S-video, and separate Y/C.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 635 x 342 x 876 mm.
Weight: 76 kg.

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