PAR-31MAA Controller

MA remote controller PAR-31MAA Ideal remote controller in pursuit of easy operation, convenience, and energy saving

Superseded by PAR-32MAA-J controller 


Easy Operation

Backlit LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

  • Full dot backlit LCD makes it easy to see and control units.

Large, easy-to-see display

  • Full-dot LCD display with large characters for easy viewing
  • Contrast also adjustable

Simple button arrangement

  • Buttons are arranged according to usage to allow for intuitive use
  • Frequently used buttons are larger than others for easier identification.


Night Setback

To prevent indoor dew or excessive temperature rise, this control starts heating operation when the control object group is stopped and the room temperature drops below the preset lower limit temperature. Also, this control starts cooling operation when the control object group is stopped and the room temperature rises above the preset upper limit temperature.

Energy Saving

Auto Return

This fuction helps to maintain the indoor temperature at the required level. Even if the temperature setting is changed during operation, the set temperature automatially returns to the originally preset temperature after a certain amount of time. It is possible to set the required temperature for a limited time (30-120 min. in 10-minute increments).


Basic Functions

  • ON/OFF 
  • Operation mode switching
  • Room temperature setting/display
  • Fan speed setting
  • Vane setting
  • Louver setting
  • Clock setting/display
  • Filter information display

New Functions

  • Set temperature can be set by 0.5 increment. (City Multi and Mr.Slim)
  • Room temperature can be shown by 0.5 C increment. (City Multi and Mr. Slim) 
  • Dual set temperature available* (City Multi) 

 *Note: Dual set temperature is only available with City Multi new indoor units that have dual set temperature capabilities.

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Superseded by PAR-32MAA-J controller 

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PAR-31MAA Brochure - (0.55 MB)
PAR-31MAA User Manual - (1.80 MB)
PAR-31MAA (Simple Operation Manual) User Manual - (1.77 MB)
PAR-31MAA Installation Manual - (1.85 MB)