DX-NV100E 16 IP Camera Network Video Recorder

Designed for reilable 24/7 surveillance, the Mitsubishi Electric DX-NV100E IP camera network video recorder makes for the ideal IP security solution.

Mitsubishi Electric DX-NV100E 16 IP Camera Network Video Recorder

The DX-NV100E is a powerful IP CCTV solution, capable of recording footage from up to 16 IP cameras in continuous and motion detection modes. The DX-NV100E supports MPEG-4 compression for extended recording hours and reduced bandwidth use while still maintaining high picture quality. The DX-NV100E comes standard with one Terabyte of hard drive space, for non-stop footage recording up to several months.

Used in conjunction with Net Hunter, an unlimited number of DX-NV100Es and IP camera can be managed from a single client PC system. The DX-NV100E also has plug and play functionality, meaning it is automatically detected when connected to a Net Hunter server system.

Specification Overview

Model DX-NV100E
Supported IP Cameras   

IP Camera

Mitsubishi Electric

Compression Method


Number of connectable IP cameras (Max)


Live Viewing


Live Image Display

Through Net Hunter



Internal HDD

500GB SATA x 2 (Spanning: 1TB, Mirroring: 500GB switchable)

Max no. of HDDs 

External HDD




Compression Method

MPEG-4 (compressed by camera)

Supported Resolutions 720 x 576, 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 160 x 120  

Maximum Number of Recording Images (per channel)

25fps / 30fps (depending on camera)

Maximum Number of Recording Images (total channels)

480fps (30 fps/ch, 320 x 240 size)

Alarm Recording 

Yes (Recording settings are same as Normal recording)

Pre Alarm Recording Yes (Max. 15 seconds) 

Recording Start/Stop Trigger

Front button / Network (Software)

Alarm Recording Start Trigger

EVENT termial on the rear panel / Communcation (Camera terminal, MD by camera)

Audio Recording


Data Recording 


Acquisition Method

2Mbyte-unit recording data (CBL data) is acquired by specifying the CBL number

Normal Playback 

Achieved via Net Hunter software with above method

Special Playback Through Net Hunter software 

Copy, Back up

Through Net Hunter software

Data Search  

Alarm List Search

Yes (number of event data: max. 130,000)

Time Data Search

Yes (through Net Hunter software)

I/O Terminal



Alarm recording start (Ch1 ~ Ch4)


Recording status output

CALL OUT Call Out (+,-) 


DC voltage out (12V)



10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-TX

Control PC software (HTTP CGI command)
Menu / Clock Settings PC software (HTTP CGI command) 
Data Acquisition PC software (HTTP CGI command)
Security  HTTP Basic Authentication 
Notification  IP notification 
IP Address Easy Setup Function  Yes
System Log   
System Log Function   Error code etc. (acquired through Net Hunter software )
Dimensions (W x H x D) 300 mm x 88 mm x 350 mm 
Weight 6.5 kg  (including drives)
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