AC Servo Systems

Servo and Motion system products provide solutions for applications as simple as a single axis point-to-point system through to fully synchronised 96 axis systems.

Servo Amplifiers


With their 32bit RISC processors, these advanced servo amplifiers include features such as Real Time Adaptive Tuning and Zero-speed mocrovibration suppression. Real Time Adaptive Tuning is unique to Mitsubishi's servo amplifiers. Not only does it automatically tune to match the load, it also has the capability to adjust these values even if the load changes. This means that it is easy and fast to set-up for optimum respose without compromising performance.

Servo Motors

All servo motors in the Mitsubishi range use rare earth magnets and concentrated winding techniques to keep the inertia of the rotor extremely low. They also incorporate serial encoders for high resolution that is much less susceptible to noise, thus ensuring integrity in positioning. In addition, all motors are rated for up to 300 percent overload.