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Simple Application Controllers

The ALPHA programmable controller has been designed to provide flexible supervisory control around your factory, office, home, or anywhere you need it!

The ALPHA has a number of powerful features packed into it's tiny frame - Real time clock, High current switching, relays, analogue inputs, security code clearance,100 hours back up memory - all in a compact, DIN rail or screw type mountable frame.

But what separates the Tiny Giant from competitors is the ease of use. The Windows based Visual Logic Software (VLS) is the most user - friendly way to program a controller for any user.
The function block programming lets you select from a pre-made set of inputs, outputs and function blocks. Anyone can drag, drop, point and click their way to a complete program. Perfect for the beginner programmer, yet powerful enough for the most advanced requirements! On device programming allows fingertip program updates or data entry directly from the front panel.

Alpha controllers are the ideal, cost-effective automation solution for a wide range of applications, including lighting, conveyors, gates, packaging machines and much, much more.

 Simple Application Controller Brochure (  PDF: 630 KB / 12 pages)



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